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8th Grade Weekly Learning Overview 20-21
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8th Grade Weekly Learning Plan, Week of June 7 - 11    

Parents and Students, please note:  This document is updated each week between Friday morning and Sunday evening.  To ensure that you are viewing information that is accurate for the current week, please avoid accessing this document between Friday morning and Sunday evening.  Updates to the document will be finished by 7:00 pm each Sunday.

Special Notes

Wednesday is the last day for 8th grade. Graduation is on Thursday!


(We no longer have 8:30 check-ins.)


Ms. Christjaener

Area and perimeter of shapes; slope continued

Ms. Hulsman

Continue with Ch. 2, Reasoning and Proofs

Ms. Poginy

Finding slope from 2 points; parallel and perpendicular lines; linear equations in slope-intercept form; finding x and y intercepts.

Ms. Stein

Continue ch. 6 - solving systems of equations using graphing, substitution, and elimination

Civics/US History

Inauguration process


Discussion of chicken wing dissection and time to complete related questions


Continue study of Buddhism.

ELA--Grammar, Vocabulary

Comma test.  Eradicating comma splices and other run-on sentences.  Vocabulary poem about “Affinity.”

ELA--Reading--Ms. Christjaener

“Lift Every Voice and Sing” - compare the content and style of the poem with “The Hill We Climb”

ELA--Reading--Ms. Fiorito

Article of the Week (AoW), finish House on Mango Street, make inferences, cite evidence

Writing Workshop

Continue study of the parts of argumentative writing.


Please check Google Classroom Art assignment each Week


January Video Workout “We Love/Hate Cardio” no due date.  Have fun with this one - pick and choose which drills you want to try from the video.