How NYSSRA points series race scoring works for competitors/teams, organizers, Points Chair, and the scoring committee.

The NYSSRA points series is outlined elsewhere on our site here

In case you have any issues with scoring during the season, this document outlines the responsibilities of competitors, organizers and NYSSRA nordic’s points committee regarding scoring.


  1. Sign up providing your full name, team,(provide any of the following: birthdate, USSA age class, or age as of December 31st), and gender.
  2. Have a good race.
  3. Check the results- let the organizer know if there is a mistake.
  4. Soon after the race you can find results here
  5. For problems after race day, email: the NYSSRA points chair, and the organizer to correct the results ( A minor typo can affect your final score, your team’s score, and the score of those you raced, any you are in the best position to spot errors in your score.
  6. The points chair can make small fixes (i.e typos, or age errors) to NYSSRA nordic’s records, but not to official results, so both the organizer and the points chair should be contacted. Errors happen and we want to be notified to correct them.
  7. Protests (for example observing a competitor cheating) should be directed to a race organizer immediately so that the race jury can decide how to score the race.
  8. For a protest regarding how a race is scored, the points chair will convene the points committee to make sure all racers are fairly scored each season.
  9. Please make the points chair aware of protests or errors promptly. Results will be final after 1 week during the regular season, and immediately after the awards ceremony in the case of championships.

Race organizers:

  1. Sanction your club/organization with NYSSRA.
  2. Sanction your race and pay associated race fees before the season: {some special consideration for weather related issues can be given} For late sanctioned or early season races, at least a week’s notice is required to get sanctioned. Unsanctioned events are not part of the NYSSRA Points series.
  3. Make sure your contact info for your club is accurate so we can get in touch if you are missing funds or paperwork.
  4. Collect racer information to report results for the NYSSRA series: full name, team,(age in one of these forms: birthdate, USSA age class, or age on December 31st), and gender.
  5. Host a great race.
  6. If you need to cancel, do so by the wednesday prior. Last minute cancellations are occasionally necessary, get the word out in multiple ways (skireg email to participants, change your event heading to note cancelled or postponed, social media posts, notify NYSSRA points chair to get the calendar changed).- This minimises protests  
  7. Score the race. While most races are scored by age group, each organizer can choose what is best for their race. However points series races award points based on USSA age group, therefore we require some information in order to score the race series by gender and age group.
  8. Wilkinson cup races must include racer elapsed times. They are scored by percent back.
  9. Use the NYSSRA race scoring document to submit results here. This lets the points committee score every competitor and team correctly. (If you want to have us post your own PDFs just send that too and we can post it in the post race wrap up. Direct questions and complaints to: (
  10. If you discover any errors (Such as a misspelling, or even a disqualified skier after the initial results are submitted) just communicate with the points committee chair so that the race series is accurately scored.
  11. Optional:If you submit whether racers paid a non member fee, and their email address, This simplifies the process of contacting non-members who forget to pay the fee..

Points committee chair:

  1. Transpose race data from race organizers to score each race, and the race series by racer, and by club.
  2. Maintain a running total of racer and club points during the season.
  3. Field questions from organizers and competitors to make sure results are accurate.
  4. If requested by organizers, or racers to make determinations about points scoring, (such as if a racer disagrees with the final results). Convene a committee meeting, and make a timely final decision.
  5. Present end of season scores to the prize committee for the end of season awards.
  6. Maintain the page of champions at the close of each season.
  7. Maintain submitted results as a race archive for each season on the website (starting with the 2016-17 season)

Points committee:

  1. Convene on request to address complaints or protests directed to points committee chair.
  2. Discuss scoring related issues and issue a determination to ensure fair scoring in the NYSSRA points series.
  3. Review the NYSSRA points series, wilkinson cup, and teams scoring each year and decide if changes should be made.