9th Grade Off- Campus Lunch

Off-Campus lunch will begin for 9th graders on April 22, 2019.  All students need to apply through the Google Form. All applications will be reviewed by the 9th Grade Team and Administration.  All applications will receive an approval or denial by April 12, 2019.  Students who are not approved during the first round can re-apply the week of May 10, 2019.

Criteria for Off-Campus Lunch




Student’s F1 grades are a D or higher in all classes.

Students have been present for at least 90% of the school year.        

Students have two or fewer disciplinary log entries for the year.  

Expectations for Off-Campus Lunch




-Be back to class on time.

-Be prepared with money.

-Only leave during designated lunch times.

-Follow rules of restaurants

-Clean up your own lunch.

-Maintain safety and school wide expectations.

-Be a positive PHS representative.

- Wear school ID with off-campus lunch label.

-Use the crosswalks

-Only leave during designated lunch times.

-Use appropriate exits.