Iron Scribe Death Match
November 17th, Camelot Common House
Donation Only, Potluck Lunch/Dinner, time to socialize after.

The martial and bardic folk have all the fun competitions. We would like to have a nominally competitive scribal event to showcase the grit of our Glorious Eastern Scribes, while also tuning our skills for efficiency.

The event will have 3 competitions:

Script competition                        10-1pm
Combat Scribe competition                10-5pm
Mandatory lunch break                1-2pm
Illumination competition                2-5pm
Judging and feedback                        5-6pm

Post-revel is an option on site for those who would like to stay. People can work on pieces they haven’t finished yet, and We’re sure there will be leftover food from the potluck.

This event is garb optional due to the staining nature of the materials. We recommend you bring your scribal kit and anything you want to use, we will have materials available on site, but they will be rudimentary in nature. We suggest that if you are participating in the Combat Scribe section that you bring an internet enabled device to do research during the event. We also strongly suggest you bring your own light sources if you have trouble with overhead lights because the lighting in these rooms is not the best. Light pads and other “helpers” are strongly encouraged.

Everyone will be provided with:
A printed assignment page (Scribes will get a page of text from a manuscript, along with words, Illuminators will get a page with illumination, Combat scribes will get a backlog assignment with words.)
A space at a table
A banquet hall style chair
Well water on tap
Wireless Internet
Electrical outlets
Access to a limited selection of paints/inks/paper
Access to a limited selection of tools like nibs and paint brushes

This whole event was conceived to be fun and productive day, and to mash up scribal arts with competitive sports in a silly way. We hesitated to even have judging. Every effort has been made to reduce the amount of subjectivity in judging, and to write the rubrics as clearly as possible. Our judges are volunteers, and this contest is for giggles. Please do not argue with the judges just to wrangle one more point out of them.

Judging will use a custom rubric, linked separately. If there is enough attendance, we will have multiple tracks (Beginner, Advanced, and C&I-Laurel). Contestants will have the opportunity to talk to the judges to get more feedback. While the title suggests cut-throat competition, the goal is really to foster and support our scribes, while gently nudging them to be better. Judges are welcome to participate in the competitions, we just ask that they don’t judge their own work.

Script competition - 

Each contestant is given a page of a manuscript, everyone gets a different source that has been pre-selected by the judges and is randomized. You get a choice of two. The contestants are also all given the same length scroll text (approximately 100-120 words). They have a total of 3 hours to figure out the ductus, practice, draw lines, and write out the words in accordance to a scale and style that would produce a proportional text box (that can be subsequently illuminated accordingly). Judging will be done based on accuracy, style, materials, and completion within the time given. This will create blanks that can be illuminated later.  

Illumination competition -

Each contestant is given a page of a manuscript, everyone gets a different source that has been pre-selected by the judges. The contestants are given 3 hours to recreate some or all of the design using whatever materials they have brought with them (and we will provide some basic materials in case of need). Judging will be done based on accuracy, style, materials, and completion within the time given, bonus points if it can be used as a blank.

Combat Scribe Competition -
As an alternative, there will also be a
combat scribe competition, with the option to use a blank or not.  You are welcome to bring your own blank, or choose from the blank bank provided.  

Contestants will be given an assignment from the backlog, with the details that come with it. They are then given the day (10-5 with lunch break) to research the person, the time period, the style, come up with a concept, and execute the concept using the materials they brought with them. Basic materials will be available. Judging will be done based on periodness, personalization, style, materials, accuracy, and completion within the time. The completed scrolls will be subsequently delivered as backlogs, and uncompleted scrolls can be finished later and delivered.

Prizes will be awarded for all three competitions, and if there is enough attendance, within the different tiers.