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Terms  and Conditions


Private/condominium lessons will be conducted

For any enquiries please contact us on

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Sincerely yours


Terms  and Conditions-normal-


Many classes are getting fully booked for the next 2 weeks. We renewed our cancellation policy for studio class, Private in-person (Group/Personal) Class so that our lessons can be enjoyed by more students equally. Thank you very much for your kindness and understanding.  

Definition of terms

Lesson : Unit of booked seat by students

Class : Classroom to conduct lessons (Online/Studio)
Class Pass : ticket to participate the class ( One time ticket to multiple times ticket)
Studio : The studio room where Yogakripa is physically located
Online : Online Classroom

< Booking >

Studio class is semi-private. Please refrain from booking seats more than you can actually attend as the capacity of the class is limited. Each account (registered email) can book up to 4 lessons.(In case you book lessons for your family/friends, those lessons are also counted.)

Please contact us for booking beyond this limit.

< Cancellation >

Cancellation is to be made on our booking website. Should you have any problem with online procedure, please inform us of cancellation via email or SMS for our record. (To record it in written form, phone call cancellations /leaving a voice message are not acceptable and one class pass will be consumed. No show: 100% of one lesson pass is consumed. )  
Frequent cancellations at the last minute may lead to other students being unable to take the class. Please make cancellations as soon as you come to know you cannot attend the class. It will give other students more opportunities to book the class.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Studio Class

Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the lesson can be replaced with a makeup class within the week without paying the cancellation fee.

Each Cancellation should not be replaceable. It will charge 100% of the price for one lesson. Without any time limit.

Private in-person (Personal/ Group) Class

Online (Group) Class

Online (Personal) Class

< Suspension of service / disclaimer >

Due to an unexpected emergency, lessons may be postponed, delayed or cancelled without notice. The damages and disadvantage to the students and the third parties will not be compensated by Yogakripa. We ask for your understanding in this matter.
Unexpected emergency includes


< Purchase of class pass >


< Service of Class pass >

- 50 hrs pass shared among 2 people : 180 days

- 50 hrs pass shared among 3 people : 150 days

< Use of Studio >

< Instructions/Rules for Online Class >

< Prohibited Acts >

The following acts are prohibited for everyone to attend classes safely and comfortably.

Please remind the acts to infringe on others privacy are considered illegal especially at Online class.  

When the following acts are found or when Yogakripa or students sustain any damage, we will stop your participation in that class, delete registration and a claim for damages or other legal actions might be taken.
If we find violations beyond this policy, we will take action accordingly.

< Facility Use/ Injury and Trouble caused during Lessons >

 The possibility of injury cannot be avoided in yoga as well as any other exercise programs.

Please note that the guidelines below are in place to reduce risks of injury.

< Accompanying Child >

< Claim of damage >

< Personal Information >

< Resolutions of other complications >

 In case the complications not mentioned on this policy occur, Yogakripa, the members and other relevant parties shall seek a resolution in a bona fide discussion.

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