Montgomery County Beekeepers Association Youth Beekeeping Program


1. To educate youth in the art of beekeeping to promote a better understanding

of the value of honeybees to our environment and to the food chain.

2. To provide an opportunity for youth to experience responsibility and

enjoyment through beekeeping.

3. To provide an avenue for youth to engage in an avocation and gain the

potential to pursue beekeeping as a sideline or fulltime vocation.

The Award

1. A one-year family membership in the Montgomery County beekeepers

association (MCBA) 2. Beginning beekeeper classes and a book on beekeeping 3. A set of woodenware for a beehive 4. A NUC or package of bees for the hive 5. Beekeeping gear: jacket or suit with veil, gloves, hive tool, and smoker 6. Mentoring by a MCBA member


1. The applicant must be between the ages of 12 and 17 by September 1st of

the current year 2. The applicant must be willing to travel to monthly meetings and classes 3. The applicant must be currently enrolled in public, private, or home school 4. The applicant must have permission and agreement from parent or guardian 5. The application must be postmarked no later than December 31st of the

current year.

Program Committee

1. Finalists will be selected by the Youth Program Committee 2. The Program Committee will arrange an interview with finalists and their

parents/guardian 3. The award will be presented to the applicant selected by the Program Committee and announced by email by the MCBA February meeting




Student Name _______________________________ Date of Birth ___________ Age_________

Parent Phone _________________ Student Phone ________________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

City or Town ________________________________ Zip ____________________

Proposed location of bees if different than the home address:


Email Address of Student ____________________________________________

Email Address Parent or Guardian _____________________________________

Note: Both Student and Parent/Guardian will be simultaneously emailed.

How did you learn about our program? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Please provide a short summary of your involvement in school, community, church, and other youth or civic organizations:






Write a brief paragraph on why you are interested in bees and beekeeping, and what you hope to accomplish if you are chosen for this program:












Do you feel you can support your child in this effort by coming to meetings

(every 3rd Monday of the month except July), a minimum of 3 classes (typically

on a Saturday) and planned bee related activities arranged between your

mentor and family (parent/guardian must be


Is anyone in the immediate family a member of Montgomery County Beekeepers

Association? ___________________ Does your family have bees? __________

Terms and Conditions of Agreement

The chosen participants of this program will conditionally receive and be responsible for the following items: woodenware consisting of a standard hive body with frames and foundation, one additional box, a bottom board, an inner cover, a telescoping top cover, a nucleus of bees with queen, a smoker, one beekeeping suit or jacket, one pair of gloves, one smoker, one hive tool to start the beekeeping project. The participants of the program will also receive the additional benefit of: (1) a one-year family membership in the MCBA, (2) will participate in the Association’s monthly meeting, (3) a beekeeping book, (4) three beginning beekeeping classes, (5) a mentoring by a MCBA member throughout the duration of participation. If a participant is unable to meet the responsibilities necessary to care for the bees or remain in the program, the mentor will help the participant return all of the items to MCBA.

The participant will be expected to attend MCBA meetings regularly, keep track of beekeeping activities on an activity sheet and complete at least 80% of the items from the Youth Requirements sheet. Participants will be expected to provide a short progress report of their activities at least 3 times at the club meetings. The recipient will keep a written record complete with dates, photos, and signatures sufficient to substantiate all progress reports. A final 5- minute presentation with slide show/PowerPoint that summarizes the overall experience in the program will be expected from each participant. A

Certificate of Completion and full ownership of the colony and the equipment will be presented at a graduation if the participant has met the requirements.


We/I understand that neither MCBA nor any of the Association members are liable for any accidents or injuries which may occur while my child, _________________________, is working with the aforementioned bees and equipment.

We/I also understand the bee colony and equipment remain the property of MCBA, and cannot be sold, given away, transferred in any manner or destroyed during the qualifying period without the written consent of MCBA.

In the event that _________________________ loses interest or can no longer pursue the beekeeping project, MCBA shall be notified and the equipment and colony of bees will be returned to MCBA. Upon successful completion of the qualifying term, and the satisfaction of stated conditions, the participant will be presented a Certificate of Completion of the program and ownership of the beehive and related equipment will be transferred to participant.

Parental Consent

I am the above-named applicant’s parent or guardian. He/She is not known to be allergic to bee stings and has my consent to participate in the Youth Beekeeping Program if chosen. Furthermore, I agree that by signing this waiver I relieve MCBA and their members from any and all liability for any accidents, mishaps or other occurrences, which may happen in the pursuit of this project.

By filling out and submitting this form, I understand that I am fully agreeing to all Terms and Conditions set forth herein.

___________________________________ Applicant

___________________________________ Parent or Guardian

Mail the Completed Application to: Nanette Davis, 23511 Flower Ridge, Porter, Texas, 77365