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Board Of Trustees Meeting 7/15/2020
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Minutes for Joslin Memorial Library Board Meeting

5:30 P.M. Joslin Memorial Library

Date: July 15, 2020

Present: Jean Joslin, Sally Reisner, Trish Read, David Babic, Carol Hosford,

Jason Butler, Anna Church

The meeting was called to order at 5:30.

Additions and Deletions:

Add Staff goals.

Delete Friends’ report.

Approve Draft Minutes:

Trish moved to accept minutes of May 13 th and June 11 th . David

seconded. Unanimously approved.

President’s Report:

Grounds work was accomplished at north and south ends of building.

Treasurer’s Report:

Sally disseminated and Jean led a review of the profit and loss budget

vs. actual sheet and the balance sheet.

Jean moved to accept the treasurer’s report. David seconded.

Unanimously accepted.

Financial Report:

David reviewed our portfolio account.

Trish moved to accept the financial report. Sally seconded.

Unanimously accepted.

Children’s Librarian’s Report

There was a discussion of staffing downstairs.

Anna’s report described a children’s T-shirt design collaboration

project. The next virtual trivia night series theme will be on fairy tales. There

will be related fairy house building events. The MRV libraries will launch a

virtual reading log.

Librarian’s Report:

Jason reported that we are planning to open on 7/27. All safeguards

will be in place. It will be open M-W-F 12:00 to 5:00. Later Billi hopes to offer

Saturday hours.

Curbside pick-up services continue to be successful, with 229 requests

since beginning the service in March. Our website had 393 visits last month, a

5% increase over the previous month.

Anna and Jason are working on identifying library materials that deal

with race and racism as well as materials by and about Black authors, artists,

historical & political figures etc.

New Business :

Staff goal setting/supervision. Staff write-ups are due. Sally and Carol

will meet with Jason and Anna and report back to the rest of the trustees in


Carol will send a card expressing our condolences to Judy Needleman on the

death of her husband, Stan.

David moved and Sally seconded to close the meeting at 6:30. Unanimously


Respectfully submitted,

Carol Hosford, Secretary

The next regularly scheduled meeting will be September 9, 2020 at 5:30 at the