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Last edit:  June 2019

Many people ask me how to buy shoes, so here is all the information in one place!

Tips for Blues/Fusion Dancers:

Types of shoes:

NYC in person shopping:   https://www.worldtonedance.com/Home.html

Cheaper Stuff, or “Just Getting Started” Shoes:

Tom’s : https://www.toms.com

  • When in doubt, you can grab a pair of Tom’s for about $40-$50 in the US.
  • You want the “Classic Slip Ons”, with the original sole.  Don’t get the rubber soles, or the hemp bottoms.
  • All genders, great for anyone
  • You might want to try them on in person before buying them for dancing.  I tend to be a half size smaller than usual.  I want to have them fit properly snug without popping off my heel, which may mean that my toes are touching the end.  They stretch out a lot as well.
  • Buying in NYC:  Try Journey’s on 14th st and 6th ave.  
  • The Tom’s store often does not carry enough of the classic styles, this place always does and has them for $40/piece.  

US Based Cheap Swing Based Shoes:   www.dancestore.com

  • You can get things for relatively cheap here.  They are not super well made or great quality.  If you are a casual dancer they will be just fine and last a decent while, if you are more serious or want a lot of support, I would go for something better quality and more expensive.

The Salsette Sueded Dance Sneaker:  

  • Link  - If link is old, search for “the Salsette dance shoe”  and you will find it.
  • About $35
    If you don’t care about looking great and you just want something comfortable and workable for everywhere.  
  • Great for dancing outside.

Light in the Box Dance Shoes:

  • Link - This link might not work, but it will take you to the site where you can search for “dance shoes”
  • $15-$50 range
  • Light in the box is a large online clothing company that sells all sorts of things, it can be an overwhelming place.
  • They are cute and can be the good kind of cheesy.
  • They fall apart very quickly.  
  • Look for this if you are on a budget or just want something a little sparkly to go out in on nice floors every once and awhile.

Made for West Coast Swing:

  • The famous “Dance Boot”
  • Flexible flats that are great to wear with skirts, sueded winter boot style
  • Also carries sueded Tom’s knock-offs, dance sneakers, etc
  • Generally not superb quality shoes, but stylish and very popular
  • Sneakers & stylish sandals
  • About $165
  • Great quality, great support.  Designed by dance pros who know what they are doing
  • These are meant to look like “ballet flats”, and are supposed to be really comfortable and cute with skirts.  
  • They have elastic lace ups around your ankle

Practice Ballroom Shoes:

Labeled as “Women’s”

  • Go for the 1” to 1.5” heels, the wider the heel the better.
  • There are a range of styles, find one that works for you.  

  • These are the shoes that I wear and everyone asks me where I got them.
  • They lace up the entire foot so are moldable to every foot size,
  • They have mesh sides so are breathable and don’t get stinky as fast.
  • Classy and last forever.
  • Dance Sandals such as these Bloch’s are very flexible and comfortable, and can work for a range dance types if you like the look.
  • These are some of the “less structured” shoes.  Structure or no structure will change your dancing a lot, both can be good depending on what you are doing.

Labeled as “Men’s”

  • Most of these will work pretty well, they range in price.
  • Work great as dress shoes if going somewhere you will wear a suite.

Fancy Shoes - Swing, Balboa, and Blues:

There is a Facebook group called “Women’s Swing Dance Shoe Hunt” .  Often people will post information about shoes they have bought, or used shoes on sale.  Friend me on Facebook and send a message if you would like to be added.

Companies in the US:

  • Watch out for the online sales to find them cheaper

Companies in Europe:

  • You can find them cheaper at festivals or in the store
  • Has boots, flats and heels
  • Great quality, low heels & “men’s” flats
  • High end - you can design your own shoe and have them make it

  • Outdoor/Indoor Ankle boots & Derby Flats, for everyone
  • Lots of fun colors
  • Made to keep dancers comfortable if they are on the street or on the dance floor

  • They don’t have a website yet.  You can order by emailing trankyshoes@gmail.com
  • This is their catalogue of shoes
  • They tend to run narrow, yet true to size. Break in well.

  • One stock shoe in both “men’s” and “woman’s”
  • Also sells nice clothes
  • Very reasonable shipping within the US
  • Only has high end fancy heels and low heels, lots of interesting colors and combinations
  • You can make a custom order

Shoes Zouk & Bachata Dancers Wear:

       (that work for swing, fusion and blues)

  • Barefoot-like sneakers with a PVC bottoms, light and airy
  • Be careful with these, they are great for certain floors, and not for others.
  • Come in a lot of different colors.
  • Labeled as “Women’s:
  • Labeled as “Men’s”: