Updated: 2-12-18                                                                        



Sandwich, 20oz Tea  & Chips

Mon-Sat 12pm-4pm

 Tax not included. At this time carry out is not a guaranteed option.



                 PESTO CHICKEN SALAD  $6.00+tax

Chicken, pine nut pesto, greek yogurt [mayo free]  

&  parmesan cheese. Topped with spinach.


                 EGG SALAD  $6.00+tax

House-made with organic eggs. Topped with romaine.

*Cheese add $1.00

                 AVOCADO CHICKPEA VEGAN   $6.00+tax

Smashed chickpea & avocado.  

Topped off with roasted red peppers & spinach..

*Cheese add $1.00


                  TOFU NOT EGG SALAD VEGAN  $6.00+tax

Tofu, vegan mayo, turmeric, green onion & dill.

Topped with romaine.

*Cheese add $1.00


ORGANIC Basic PB&J  $4+tax

Organic peanut butter & jelly..

** Sandwiches can be made on a bed of

spinach or romaine lettuce when available.

          BREAD OPTIONS:

   Organic Multi-Grain

Organic White [Avalon]

Gluten Free Multi-Grain [Rumis]