Mantis Digital SLA Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions

  1. SLA: Service Level Agreement
  2. MD, we, us: Mantis Digital
  3. The client, you: the client
  1. Agreement

  1. This agreement covers the provision of services by Mantis Digital to the client under the SLA structure.
  1. Acceptance of General Terms & Conditions

  1. By entering into this agreement, the Client additionally agrees to MD’s General Terms & Conditions, found at:
  1. Term

  1. The SLA will run on a three month rolling term.
  1. Automatic renewal

  1. Unless mutually agreed otherwise, the SLA is deemed to renew automatically at the end of the current term for the same period again on the same terms and conditions.
  1. Termination

  1. At any time following the first anniversary of the SLA either party may give 30 days’ notice to terminate the SLA.
  1. Payment terms

  1. MD will invoice monthly in advance on seven day payment terms.
  1. Rate

  1. The hourly rate for the SLA equates to a 10% discount on MD’s standard rate.
  1. Rollover of hours

  1. Unused SLA hours expire at the end of the current month and do not rollover to the next month.
  1. On-charging costs

  1. The SLA rate doesn’t cover any costs we might incur on your behalf (e.g. plugin purchase) and those will be on-charged. Any such charges will be confirmed with you in advance.
  1. Refunds

  1. The Client shall not be entitled to any refund or credit of money paid in advance.
  1. Division of responsibilities between MD and client

  1. MD:
  1. MD will endeavour to render services as requested by the client in a timely, prioritised fashion.
  2. In the event that insufficient work has been requested to fill the agreed SLA hours for the month, MD will proactively suggest work that can be carried out.  For examples of such work, please refer to
  1. Client:
  1. The client will endeavour to request work by the 21st of each month to give MD time to schedule and deliver said work and understands that if that deadline is missed the work may have to be done in the following month.
  1. Services rendered

  1. For a list of services that fall under the SLA please refer to
  1. Technical website maintenance

  1. Any clients additionally on technical website maintenance retainers may opt to utilise their SLA hours towards that but MD must be notified of that request one month in advance of the maintenance retainer anniversary.
  1. Response time

  1. MD commits to acknowledge a request that falls under an SLA within two working days. The scheduling of said work will be conveyed at that point.
  1. Minimum SLA allocation

  1. Our minimum SLA allocation is eight hours per month.
  1. Quoting

  1. To maintain transparency about usage of SLA hours, requests will be quoted for in advance and acceptance is required before work commences.
  1. Overages

  1. If a request is likely to exceed the agreed or remaining SLA time allocation then we will notify you ahead of time and either split the work over more months or quote additionally.
  2. If a request must be fulfilled in the current month but exceeds agreed/available hours we will charge at our normal hourly rate.
  1. Reporting

  1. We will report at the end of the month on how the time was spent and what was achieved under the SLA.
  1. Requests and scheduling

  1. Work for the month needs to be requested by the 21st of that month to guarantee it can be scheduled and completed within that month.
  1. Prioritisation

  1. We will endeavour to the best of our ability to prioritise resources for SLA clients.