Personal Kit List:

Year 9 DofE  (Practise Day walk)




Water bottle filled with water approx 1- 2 litres

Packed lunch plus some snacks for on the walk for energy. (Please limit the amount of sweets and chocolate and choose healthier alternatives).

Small Day Rucksack. Put items inside a plastic bag or dry bag as rucksacks are not waterproof! This needs to be big enough to carry all your personal belongings, (Approx 25 liters)

Waterproof outer jacket (not just shower proof or a fashion coat).

Waterproof trousers

warm hat & gloves

a spare warm fleece or jumper

Blister plasters (other first aid items will be carried by exped supervisors).

To wear

Walking Boots (preferably with ankle support, if you are buying new boots try wearing them a few times before the walk to break them in).  If you have not got any please let your crew leader know as we have spare hiking boots at school).

Base layer (not cotton!)

Mid layer (such as a thin fleece top)

Warm Fleece Top or warm jacket

Walking socks (preferably not cotton)

Walking trousers no denim and no cotton!

Please email me if you have any questions.