DATE: 12 March 2018


PRESENT:          Hugo van Niekerk (Chairman), Elias Kaweme, Hardus van Deventer,  Asaph Jeka, Cornelia Mol, Carol Lindeque and Charlotte von Stade


AGENDA:           1.            INTRODUCTION

                            2.            HISTORY OF AFRICA

3.            STATISTICS



6.            OTHER MATTERS


1.             INTRODUCTION


Charlotte gives testimony of how the Lord completely healed her husband from thrombosis after prayer by members from Kingdom Global. At the same time the Lord healed her back pain.


Carol shares a dream she has had where she needed to feed a lot of people and she was getting all kinds of food - good, expensive meat cuts, cheap ones, bones, etc. In order not to let one person have a good piece of meat and the other a piece of bone, she minced everything together and as she was preparing the food, she found that one of the pieces of meat that was minced, was rotten and she had nothing to give to the people to eat.


Carol says she believes that God is saying that we must be very careful what we feed people spiritually. We cannot feed them bad things mixed with good things and think it won't affect their spiritual health.


The meeting is formally opened in prayer.


Hugo reads from the Bible from the book of Acts. It is important to remember that the book of Acts, is not about the Acts of the Apostles (for there are a number of acts described that were not performed by the apostles) but it is about the acts of the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit is today the same as He was then.


In Acts 5 we see that the Church is doing well, but in Acts 6 problems arose with regard to the distribution of food. The apostles were wise and they knew they had to focus on preaching and prayer. Therefore they appointed deacons to assist with food distribution.  In the same way we are not here primarily to meet the needs of people, but to make sure they are in right standing with God.


We are almost at the level where we are going to start preaching the Word everywhere.

It is important that people understand that we are not building a church in the traditional sense, but that we are Kingdom advancers.


In Acts 1:8 Jesus gives a summary of how the Gospel would spread: Jerusalem, all Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth.


In Acts 11 Barnabas is sent by the church in Jerusalem to Antioch and Barnabas then brought Paul there as well.  In Acts 13 the church in Antioch is instructed by the Holy Spirit to separate Saul and Barnabas. It was not a decision that was planned, the Holy Spirit just started to move and they obeyed. They did not wait for weeks or months to send them out, but obeyed immediately


Paul preached Christ and the Kingdom. We always need to base our preaching on this. Today we are still in Acts, God is still moving. The beauty of Kingdom Global is, that when the Holy Spirit speaks, people can just move and don't need to wait for authorisation from a hierarchy. We must wait on no one but God.


Hugo tells how one of the happiest moments in his life was when he shared the Gospel and saw people being saved.  Asaph gives testimony of how they were doing an outreach over the weekend and saw 30 people coming to God.


Hugo says we must arrange to do an outreach with Beauty in Arcadia and Soshanguve.


2.             HISTORY OF AFRICA


Hugo says he felt led by the Holy Spirit to work through history, in particular history of the past 140 years, which led to the division of Africa. He will send us links to YouTube videos so we can know what happened.  In short, in 1833 Britain abolished slavery. The industrial revolution of the late 18th Century, created an ever increasing need for raw materials which Europe could not provide. Africa could provide these resources. 1884/5 during the Berlin Conference, the then super-powers decided on how to divide Africa among themselves.


Europe needed to fund these operations and even though slavery was abolished, the peoples of Africa became slaves again. Since the African people did not deal in currency, they could not be taxed in the usual way and were forced to work to pay taxes. By 1920 full blown slave trade was at the order of the day. If the workers (slaves) did not perform satisfactorily, they were killed or mutilated.


This eventually led to Gods judgement on Europe when they turned on themselves in war in 1939. At the end of the war, Berlin was looted, Europe in ruins and bankrupt. They were no longer able to finance their operations in Africa and decided to return Africa to the African people.


For about 2 years, the general atmosphere in Africa was one of euphoria, but there after dictators started to arise and we saw a chain reaction where evil brought more evil. Africa was freed from her imperial masters, but she did not get spiritual freedom.


So much of what is happening in Africa today, is in reaction to what happened in the past. We need to discern the issues of the day, but we have to return the church to the plan of God, i.e. establishing the Kingdom of God. We must not react to the swing of the pendulum. As an example, we can say that the DRC is one of the richest countries in Africa, but the people there suffer tremendously. We have to deal with the issues, but our main message should always be Jesus and His Kingdom. Therefore we do not get involved in politics.


Carol says, as we preach the Kingdom, God will give us authority. We need to understand what God is doing for us, we need to take the ownership God has given us. Removing land from people, removes responsibility and authority and it kills innovation and initiative. She saw in Russia what the effect was of people not owning land, it was total deterioration and poverty


If the South African government brings in a law of expropriation, the same will happen here as what have happen in Russia under Communism. If we believe God gave us South Africa as inheritance, we cannot let the enemy take the land. We need to own land to have authority and we need to stop that spirit in South Africa. If something does not belong to you, you cannot rule and reign.


Asaph says that is why we declare territory by mapping out the whole country. Elias adds that we can also look at the example when Israel entered the Promised Land, Caleb and Joshua went in to explore and bring report to the people. So we need to help others to see what we have seen, it is important that we see the vision and give a good report to people. We will see giants, but must not focus on the giants.


Carol says there is nothing godly in the Communist system. People need to lay hands on their land and property and dedicate it to God again. She says she sees the urgency we had to define the Kingdom Communities, was in fact strategic warfare. Elias says our war is not against flesh and blood. Hugo adds, we need to move forward to have every community defined. Cornelia says she thinks the spirit world is reacting to what we did (defining and proclaiming the Kingdom Communities) and that is why there is talks now of expropriating land.


Hugo says we need to communicate to people, as we define communities, that these communities do  not belong to Kingdom Global, but every community directs its own affairs under the direction of the Holy Spirit.


Hardus gives a testimony about what happened on his daughters' farm. There were stock theft on the farm and that brought fear. After they prayed and dedicated the farm to God again, every bit of fear was removed from them.



3.             STATISTICS


Elias says Habakkuk was instructed by God to write down his vision so that people could see it.  We have all our statistics on the wall in the office, even though people think we are crazy to do it.


Statistics for the period 2 - 8 March 2018


50 new people were added in 29 groups. The top community was Randpark Ridge.

Internationally, 16 people joined in 4 groups - India, Tunisia and the DRC.


He has done an audit of the Whatsapp groups.

South Africa has 566 opened and 67 active groups of which 7 groups are very active.

In total, Africa has 854 groups of which 229 are active.

There are 21 570 defined Kingdom Communities in South Africa, the next stage is to sort these in areas, regions and zones. 12.04




Hardus says there are currently 120 Kingdom Community Coordinators in Africa. Not all of them are active, but we are sending out teachings to all of them. As soon as a new group is created, Hardus assigns, in faith, a coordinator to that group.

Hugo says Hardus must rank the groups according to how active they are.


Hardus has identified 2 people who might become good coordinators. The good news is that, whole world except North and South America is now mapped out. North and South America will be done this week.

Hugo says the most important countries that we need to divide into Communities, are North and South America, China and India. There after Indonesia and Nigeria (Nigeria is very important for us in the African context).

Hardus must also Google missions going to Antarctica so we can create KC's for them as well.


Kingdom Global Property

Hardus says there are many of people who join the group without having been invited. Hugo says we need to add professional value to the page such as professional input by Keller Williams Estates.





Cornelia says she needs to send out some welcomes. She will again give the names of all the people who joined Kingdom Community Facebook pages this month, by the end of March.

With regard to verticals, all people running verticals have to report to Cornelia, because except for what she sees on Hugo's list, she is not aware of what is happening in those groups.


Hugo is excited because he believes we have found the right person for KG Health, Nelie Bouwer.


Hugo says we need a Whatsapp group for leaders of verticals. Their feedback must then be given to Elias.

Cornelia says we must ask people who run the verticals, to encourage people on their groups to also join KCs so that they can be integrated.


For new people who joins groups, Cornelia gets a screenshot that shows who joined what group. She then sends a welcome message as well as a personal letter to the person. She makes a note if  she receives a response.

Hugo says Cornelia must add him if there was response or even just a like, so he can also interact with them.


Cornelia says it might be good to start visiting people in Whatsapp groups of groups who are more active.  Hugo explains that it might be better to meet one person and build from there.


Hugo says we must take note when a person invites someone else to a group, because that might be the key person.


Cornelia has made contact with Lusambo from the DRC, he is key person there. Lusambo wants to meet with us after he has finished his YWAM course in Potchefstroom in May. Cornelia worked out a program for his visit.

Hugo says we need to meet with him to hear what their calling is and to discuss the DRC and their verticals. Hardus says Lusambo is also connected to Sultana and Potchefstroom communities. Hugo says he is potential KG TEAM leader.


Hardus shows the meeting the analytics that are available for administrators of Facebook groups, e.g. demographics, age, sex, etc.


Cornelia lists the top 20 Kingdom Communities. Rand Park Ridge is no.1 with 14 people who joined.

Cornelia asks if we still need a cell phone as back up, because she has one we can use.


Prayer Calendar:

Lourens does not know how to set up a form with questions people must answer before they can download the calendar. This means that we will lose some information that we hoped to get. Questions will be put up but are voluntary.


Carol says what she has noticed about the prayer calendar, is that people only share a particular day if it was relevant to them personally. This makes her think that many people have not really connected to the prayer calendar yet.

Hugo says we must integrate in the Prayer Calendar a message that says "We would like to help you start prayer group."


Carol wants to send out the entire prayer calendar and ask people to get other people to pray with them.


Hugo says God has been leading him to get more information on an app that will require no data whatsoever, where people can ask pray for me etc.



6.             OTHER MATTERS


Hugo says there is a new business opportunity.  Pieter Aucamp has, in conjunction with an optometrist, designed glasses against the glare of computer and tablet screens that can be sold.

Elias says he is still in need for funds to buy the Facebook auto poster programme.

Hardus needs a person on each continent to send messages into their countries.


Faith Statement

Hugo says he wants to write a faith statement for Kingdom Global. We will have a short and a long version. The short version will simply state : "I BELIEVE IN GOD". There will then be a link with layers under the word man which will provide more details and a link under the word God which will lead to more details. In this way people would be able to explore the faith statement at their own pace and assimilate the information.

Hugo asks that prayer for wisdom to do this.


Carol is planning a conference on 19 May.


The upcoming Nations meeting at the Dutch Reformed Church Meyers Park (17 March): Hugo asks Charlotte and Cornelia to assist Frieda with the logistics.


Charlotte says that Nic Grobler who attends the Sunday meetings at Menlyn Main and who is currently jobless, is good at renovations and is doing a good job at their home.

Hugo says we could make that another vertical called KG Fix It.


The meeting is closed in prayer.