BG 8 to 14

Duryodhana was thinking whose name to be taken first Bhishma or Dron, since Bhishma was his commander in chief and also senior most (he recruited Drona), Bhishma was greater than Drona about seniority, hierarchy, and position in war field so his name should be taken first. When king speaks everyone hears, he was thinking when he starts talking about strength whose name he should take first normally Bhishma is the commander so his name should be taken first but I am standing near Dhrona so it looks awkward not taking Drona’s name also since Drona was Brahmana so can take his name first by doing so Bhishma will not mind as Drona is a Brahmana. Duryodhana was also thinking that I have slightly irritated Drona by taking Drupada name also. I wanted to agitate him so that he fight vigorously but not so much that he loses his interest. So he starts with Bhavan (You in respectful way).

bhavān bhīṣmaś ca karaś ca, you are the leader, Bhishma is the leader and Karna.

Interestingly Karna was not there in the battle field at that time but he was in prominently in mind of Duryodhana he was not sure about commitment of Bhisma and Drona but he was sure about commitment of karna, although Karna out of his ego backed out of the war by taking a vow that till Bhisma is there he will not fight.

Before the war started Duryodhana has asked Bhisma to give a comparative analysis of the two forces along with the strength of specific individuals, so that time while assessing various fighters Bhishma has ranked Karna very lowly and Karna has became infuriated by that. He says you always denigrate me and he said by my own single power I can defeat whole Pandavas army and I alone can attain victory. Bhishma looked at him and said when your bows has been translated into action O Karna he said every time you have confronted Kaunteya who have been defeated many people thing that Karna was more powerful than Arjuna and Krishna has used deviousness means trickery to defeat Karna.

Before war Duryodhana has told Bhisma to do analysis of different warrior of both the armies that time Bhisma ranked Karna low, so Karna was furious and he said he can alone win the battle. In reply to that Bhisma said in previous encounters Karna was always defeated by Arjuna. Many people think that Karna was a greater warrior than Arjuna and Krishna has made trickery to defeat Karna.

Points which shows superiority on Arjuna over Karna:

1. Karna said in the exhibition that he wanted to have dual with Arjuna, that time Dronacharya said dual can happen only between equals. Duryodhana showed mercy towards Karna but that was because he wanted to use him later.

2. Kauravas along with Karna was defeated in the war with Drupada. Later on only 5 brothers of pandavas defeated Drupada with his army, because of this Drupada was so much impressed and he planned to marry Draupadi with Arjun.

Karna was defeated by Drupada and Drupada was defeated by Arjuna.

3. In Draupadi's swayamvar after Arjuna hit the target there was fight between Kshetriya kings verses Bhima and Arjuna, there Arjuna was having a fight with Karna and he defeated Karna.

4. When Pandavas were in exile. In the fight between Gandharvas and Kaurava Karna was wounded and he run away from battle there Duryodhana was also arrested.

5. In the Virat war. Arjuna single handedly defeated entire Kuru army along with Karan, Bhishma etc.

Bhishma was commander for 10 days

Dronacharya for 5 days

Karna for 2 days (16th and 17th days) – first day of his being commander which was 16th day of war Karna defeated entire army, 17th day he was defeated. During killing of Karna, Krishna said it is surprising that today he remembered morality, what about trying to disrobe Draupadi, killing of Abhimanyu, trying to burn Pandavas in lakshagrah, cheating in gambling….if those were morality same morality Arjuna will show today. Krishna demonstrated Shato Shtyam (with cunning be cunning). Paying morality in same coin, when enemy is devious we can be devious.

Forgetfulness of this lesson caused India suffer: Muslims used tricks when they fought with Hindus, muslim kings they used to keep cows in front during battle so that Hindus will not shoot arrows and this way Muslims won the battle.

Sometimes when Hindu army and Muslim army would be fighting in battle, Muslim will kill cows and put cow flesh in water and Hindu army will not drink water and lose battle. Vedic time kshetriyas was allowed to eat meat based on situations.

Vedic time rule was if kshetriya does things while influence of wine, gambling, etc. that should not be taken seriously, Vikarna used this principle to suggest that not only Draupadi should be respected but Yudhistira kingdom and wealth should be returned back.

Shailya was commander for last day

Ashwathama was commander for last night – he has used his own strategy

As the glory for the victory always goes to the commander so Karna said till Bhishma is commander he will not fight, (This also shows what Karna friendship was towards Duryodhana)

Later Bhishma, when lying on arrow bed said that he used those words which undermine Karan so that war does not happen.

Karna was having good qualities like he was giving charity, was great warrior, worshiper of Sun god. etc. but he was an example of a good person who was spoiled because of bad association. Karna was example of bad attachment with bad association, sometimes we crack jokes or do something for pleasing someone, although we don’t want to do so, Karan said Bhishma (he regretted while speaking to Bhishma) he made bad comment about Draupadi just to please Duryodhana. Helping others doesn’t mean that we have to join their immorality.

When Krishna went as Shanti doot, next morning He met Karna, that time Krishna revealed identity of Karna…We may say that Karan’s logic to support Duryodhana was very good on the basis of friendship but we also have to see who his friend was, his friend was the personification of adharma. Laying one’s life for adharma makes one adharmic. The kingdom of Anga actually belong to Pandavas not Duryodhana and actually everything belongs to Supreme Lord and when Duryodhana gave someone else property to someone it was not a very big thing also his intention was different he wanted to use Karna against Arjuna.

Krishna was not subduing Karna but Krishna is well-wisher of everyone so he spoke to Karna, since Karna was having some good qualities so Krishna gave him opportunity so that he can skip suffering, also Krishna thought that war would be bloodier if Karna will fight from other side

Before battle begins Yudhisthira went to Kaurava side to get blessing from his elders that time he asked Bhishma, Dhrona, Kripacharya how they will be defeated. Bhishma said now that time has not come when the time will come you come and ask me again that time I will tell you. Dronacharya said as long as I am fighting I cannot be defeated but when I heard some very bad news from trustworthy  source I will give up fighting that time I can be defeated. Kripacharya said I am undefeatable knowing this go and attain victory, as long as he is in war he was not defeatable …he was having a blessing that he could not be killed but he was not knowing mystic power so he was not a big threat. Krthverman was yadu army commander, he was part of Krishna’s army, who were given by Krishna to Duryodhana.

Bhurishrava checked Arjuna on 13th day.

Duryodhana didn’t mention Dusasana’s name while mentioning formidable warrior, this indicates that politicians speak only based on calculations…Duryodhana mentioned Vikarna name as he has spoken in favor of Draupadi so Duryodhana was doubtful about him.

Bg 1.8

bhavān bhīṣmaś ca karaś ca
paś ca samiti-jaya
śvatthāmā vikaraś ca
saumadattis tathaiva ca

Word for word:

bhavān — your good self; bhīṣma — Grandfather Bhīṣma; ca — also; kara — Kara; ca — and; kpa — Kpa; ca — and; samitim-jaya — always victorious in battle; aśvatthāmā — Aśvatthāmā; vikara — Vikara; ca — as well as; saumadatti — the son of Somadatta; tathā — as well as; eva — certainly; ca — also.


There are personalities like you, Bhīṣma, Kara, Kpa, Aśvatthāmā, Vikara and the son of Somadatta called Bhūriśravā, who are always victorious in battle.

Till now Duryodhana was describing power on the opponent’s side now he starts describing power on his side.

bhavān bhīṣmaś ca karaś ca-> bhavān is Respectful second person address. Tuam -> is normal second person address like I (first person )and You (second person). Tuam and Bhavan are second person addresses. Tuam is used in ordinary sense and Bhavan in respectful sense. Because Duryodhana is a Kshetriya and Dronacharya is Brahmana so he addressing Dronacharya as in respectful way by Bhavan .

bhavān bhīṣmaś ca karaś ca => you (Dronacharya) are leader, Bhishma is a leader.