Pool Club House - Wood Rot Repair

HOA board made and approved the following motion via email, the following language below has been cut and pasted from those emails directly.

Original email sent to HOA board sent by Mike Haynes: Bill Ward and I looked at the wood rot on the clubhouse yesterday.  With one exception, nothing much to worry about.  The 2 X 8 piece by the bathroom on the east side can be replaced easily, and a few minor issues on the west side.

The one exception is the double door to the storage room on the back.  It is in very bad shape.  Here’s what’s wrong (directions as you face the door):

  1. Threshold completely detached from the frame.  It’s in two pieces, and would take a lot of carpentry work to get it back in decent condition.
  2. Left door jamb rotten at bottom and top
  3. Left door not closing properly, due to rot on door jamb
  4. Left building structure (2 X 4 framing) rotten at bottom and detached from structure
  5. Right door top is not weatherproof, totally rotten, and has allowed water to saturate inside of door.
  6. Right door heavy rust on bottom.  We suspect this is caused by the water inside the door itself.
  7. Bottom of right door completely rotten


Bill and I think the door can be fixed temporarily, but it would take a lot of work, and would only last two, maybe three years.  The right door, with the interior completely wet and rotted, could fall off at any time.  The threshold would take a major reconstructive effort.

With that in mind, my recommendation would be to replace the entire door structure.  We’ll have to do it at some point in time even if we do a temporary repair this month.

Looked on-line, cheapest steel replacement door I could find was $404 plus $268 shipping.  Also stopped by a few places this morning; Home Depot could provide one for $1,172,  Kansas City Building Supply has a fiberglass exterior door for $704, which is probably the best option.  The fiberglass will not rust.

Susan Hargrove - Board President wrote back:

Thank you so much!!!!

-can you and or Bill put this door on, before we paint (or should we) so they have the fiber glass door in stock. I make a motion to allot money to replace the door and anything connected with it. Not to exceed $1,000.I need a second and the. Everyone to chime in yay or nay.



Third Email - Kathleen Martin, Second the motion, and yay

Fourth Email - Mike Hayes - yay

Fifth Email - Chris Olsen - yay

Sixth Email - Lisa Reales - yay

Seventh Email - Karen Petersen - yay

Eighth Email - Jeff Heimerl - yay

Ninth Email - Ron Durling - yay

Tenth Email: Sent from Susan Hargrove to Mike Haynes


As of now we have 7 board members that have voted yay - this makes the motion passing...we passed with a $1,000 budget, plus you have an additional 500 discretionary amount you can spend without going back to the board  

You will still need to provide receipts for Karen to reimburse you (she’s really quick).

I’m asking Jeff to make note of this special online meeting