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Monday, June 17th – Friday, July 19th (No School on Thursday, July 4th & Friday, July 5th)



Incoming Freshman Classes:

1st Period

8:00 - 9:00 am

2nd Period

9:10 - 10:10 am

3rd Period

10:15 - 11:15 am

4th Period

11:50 am - 12:50 pm

Credit Recovery Classes:

1st Period

8:00 - 10:10 am

2nd Period

10:15 am - 12:25 pm

3rd Period

1:00 - 3:10 pm

Credit Advancement Classes:

Vary by class


Looking for the times specific classes are offered? Please click here for the tentatve 2019 class schedule. You will be able to request specific class periods when registration opens.



Courses are listed by level in the following order:

Incoming Mater Dei Freshman Courses

Credit Recovery Courses

Credit Advancement Courses

Preparatory Workshop Courses


Five-week courses designed to review essential skills taught in middle school and to establish proper placement for students in each of the course areas for their Freshman year.


High School Preparatory Math*

This course is a review of the basic arithmetic and pre-Algebra skills necessary to do well in a more comprehensive Algebra course. All of the topics and concepts addressed in this Pre-Algebra course have been covered in grades 5 through 8 of primary education. The purpose of this course is to assist students in becoming more proficient in the recall, understanding, and use of concepts and problem solving methods which will lead to greater success in Algebra I and higher level math courses.

High School Preparatory Language & Writing*

This course focuses on helping students understand and analyze English literature, as well as helps them to improve their composition skills. Students write frequently and receive feedback from their teacher on their compositions.

High School Preparatory Reading*

This course is designed to help students improve their reading comprehension skills. This course helps students prepare to read not only English literature, but also texts in other high school subjects.

High School Preparatory Science Readiness*

This is an introductory science course that focuses on student preparation for high school science courses. Students will gain an understanding of the scientific method, know how to write a proper laboratory report, gain study skills, and review basic science-based mathematics skills.

Geometry Bootcamp*

Intended for incoming 9th grade students placed in Algebra 1 or Honors Algebra 1 but wanting to take Geometry; students placed in Geometry may also register for this course. Recommendation from the Mathematics Department Chair required.


Art 1 (Credit Advancement)

See description under Credit Advancement courses


*HSP Courses are taken for review and proper placement ONLY; courses will be noted on the students’ transcripts, however grades will NOT be factored in the students’ GPA.


Both semesters of each course listed are offered during Summer School unless otherwise noted; all courses are 5 credits/semester.

Students who need to recover an honors level course will recover the regular, college prep version of the course. No Honors credit is given during Summer School.


See the Mater Dei Course Catalog for full course descriptions.



114 Religious Studies I: Sacred Scripture & Tradition

121 Religious Studies II: Paschal Mystery/The Church

131 Religious Studies III: Sacraments and Ethics

142 Religious Studies IV: Christian Life Styles (1 semester)

152 Religious Studies IV: Comparative Religion (1 semester)

153 Religious Studies IV: Peace & Justice (1 semester)

154 Introduction to Philosophy: Great Thinkers of the World (1 semester)

941 Introduction to Psychology (1 semester)


211 English I: Literary Forms and Composition

214 Freshman Reading

223 English II: World Literature

233 English III: American Literature

242 English IV: Senior English

250 Creative Writing I


NOTE: The curriculum for English II, III, and IV changed as of the 2015-16 school year. Read the titles and see the course descriptions in the Mater Dei Course Catalog to ensure that you enroll in the correct course; the number may not necessarily match.



331 Social Studies II: World History/Geography

332 Social Studies III: U.S. History/Geography

341 Social Studies IV: U.S. Government (1 semester)

348 Social Studies IV: Economics (1 semester)


412 Algebra 1

416 Algebra 1A (open to Mater Dei students only)

417 Algebra 1B (open to Mater Dei students only)

420 Principles of Geometry

421 Geometry

428 Algebra 2

429 Algebra 2/Trigonometry

437 Statistics

441 Precalculus



534 Earth Science

521 Biology

523 Principles of Biology (open to Mater Dei students only)

524 Marine Biology

530 Principles of Chemistry (open to Mater Dei students only)

532 Chemistry

542 Human Anatomy and Physiology

544 Physics



600 Spanish I

602 Spanish II

605 Spanish III

610 Spanish IV

612 Latin I

613 Latin II

614 Latin III

621 French I

622 French II

624 French III

628 French IV

**640 ASL I, 641 ASL II, 642 ASL III not offered for Summer 2019**


811 Theater Arts I

820 Art I

828 Design I/II

829 Digital Photography

808 Ceramics I


All Credit Advancement courses, with the exception of Art I, require both semesters for advancement credit to be issued.


417 Algebra 1B                                                        10 credits

Second year of a two-year, integrated Algebra 1 course. A scientific calculator will be needed throughout the course. To enroll in this course, the student must have earned a grade of “B” or better in both semesters of Algebra 1A. Students must enroll to apply for the course and will receive final approval from the Math Department Chair to be eligible to take the course.


421 Geometry                                                        10 credits

This course presents geometric concepts from a deductive approach, beginning with basic definitions, postulates, and theorems. The students are taught techniques of direct proof as one means of examining properties of geometric figures and concepts. Congruence and similarity relations are studied, and numerical applications are integrated throughout the course. This course will be offered as a hybrid/blended course. A grade of 85% or better in Algebra 1 or Honors Algebra 1 is required to take this course. Students must enroll to apply for the course and will receive final approval from the Math Department Chair to be eligible to take the course.


429 Algebra II/Trigonometry                                        10 credits

Students will expand their knowledge with a strong emphasis on the study of linear, polynomial, quadratic, exponential, and logarithmic functions and their graphs. This course will include the Trigonometric functions, their identities, and proofs. The conic sections may also be covered. A grade of 85% or better in Geometry or Honors Geometry is required to take this course. Students must enroll to apply for the course and will receive final approval from the Math Department Chair to be eligible to take the course.

436 Trigonometry                                                        *No credit given*

Reinforcement of Algebra 2 concepts in addition to exponential, logarithmic and rational functions and their graphs. Students will explore trigonometry within the unit circle, trigonometric identities, graphs and proofs. Conic sections may also be covered. A scientific calculator will be required. This course will be offered as a hybrid/blended course. A grade of 85% or better in Algebra 2 is required to take this course. Students must enroll to apply for the course and will receive final approval from the Math Department Chair to be eligible to take the course. No credit is given for this course. Upon successful completion, students will receive a notation on their transcript for future Math placement purposes only.

441 Precalculus                                                        10 credits

This course is aimed at preparing students for the study of Calculus. The topics include a full study of trigonometric, polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions and an introduction to the theory of limits. There is a heavy emphasis on graphing as a tool for understanding functions. A grade of 85% or better in Algebra 2/Trigonometry or Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry is required to take this course. Students must enroll to apply for the course and will receive final approval from the Math Department Chair to be eligible to take the course.


532 Chemistry                                                        10 credits

This physical science course studies the basic laws of chemistry. Students will be required to keep a laboratory notebook where data collection and analysis will be emphasized. Students are expected to submit written college style lab reports to emphasize and develop critical thinking skills and scientific writing. Participation in labs and demonstrations is required. Grades of “B” or better in both semesters of Biology or “A” or better in both semesters of Principles of Biology, and “C” or better in Geometry are required to take this course.

605 Spanish III                                                        10 credits

This course offers continued practice opportunities in which reading and writing are demonstrated to a greater extent than in Spanish 2. At the same time, specific practice in speaking and listening continues to appear at a level of difficulty corresponding to the ever-accumulating content of the program. A grade of “B” or better in Spanish 2 is required for this course.

610 Spanish IV                                                        10 credits

This course provides specific reading practice using selections from the literature of Spanish and Spanish-American authors. The main goal of the course is continued communication in Spanish. It also provides a complete review of grammar covered in previous years. A grade of “B” or better in Spanish 3 is required for this course.


820 Art I                                                                5 or 10 credits

This course will introduce the student to the composition of art in terms of the basic elements of art: Line, shape/form, value, texture, space, and color as well as the principles of design: unity, balance, rhythm and variation. Emphasis will be placed on learning skills and techniques to develop the student’s creative ability as well as observational drawing skills and the use of technology in art production. The course is designed for students of all skill levels. Media used include pencil, ink, charcoal, oil pastels, colored pencils, acrylic paint, and watercolors. Students may enroll in one or both semesters of Art 1. Students who wish to only enroll in Semester 2 must have earned a “C” or better in Semester 1 of Art 1 during a previous summer school session.


How do students qualify for an Honors Math placement in the Fall?

In order to qualify for an honors Math placement in the fall, you must achieve an A in the class plus an 80% or higher on the final exam with teacher recommendation. For any challenges to this placement, you may contact the Math Department Chair, Mrs. Reese (


Workshops are used to prepare students for success in future courses, or for student enrichment ONLY. These are not considered courses and are not taken for credit. No grades will be given, and these will not appear on the students’ transcript.

Click here for the 2019 Workshop Schedule


Writing for College Applications

Need help writing supplemental essays for your college applications? This workshop is for you! Spend time developing skills to improve your short answers to get a head start on your college applications.


Advanced Placement Social Studies Workshops

Get a head start on historical thinking skills, analyzing documents, writing college level essays, and understanding both the nature of economics and the American political system. Workshops will focus on:


AP European History

AP United States History

AP Government

AP Macroeconomics


Life Skills (Enrichment)

Do you want to learn basic skills such as how to change a tire, use an ATM/Debit/Credit card, make a simple budget, do laundry, or otherwise learn useful skills for the future? This workshop is for you!


Algebra Review

Intended for students entering Algebra 2 or Algebra 2/Trigonometry from Geometry, this workshop will review fundamental information from Algebra 1.



Prepare for success in Honors Chemistry, Chemistry, or Principles of Chemistry. Students will complete lab activities and learn the basic process of writing a college lab report to prepare them for assignments during the school year.



Prepare for success in Physics or AP Physics. Students will complete lab activities and learn fundamental information before entering the school year.


Glass Jewelry Making (Enrichment)

Learn how to make your own glass jewelry!  (materials fee; keep what you make)

Ceramics (Enrichment)

Interested in learning to make your own pottery? This workshop is not only great for preparing for or reinforcing the skills from the Ceramics course, but also will give anyone a chance to learn this valuable skill! You don’t need to be enrolled in Ceramics for the school year to participate. (materials fee; keep what you make)


AP Art Portfolio

Prepare your portfolio with the help of our Mater Dei AP Art instructor. Offered during any week of Summer School, choose 1-5 weeks, overlapping with the weeks of Summer School. 20% discount offered for students who sign up for all 5 weeks.