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Rosters and Guest player forms
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Here are samples of the correct 2021 GOTSPORT FYSA roster we use and the incorrect gotsoccer rosters that we do not use: Your club registrar will be able to get you your correct FYSA roster - please contact them if you are unsure

CORRECT  FYSA state-approved roster that we do use with guest players added

INCORRECT GOTSOCCER roster we do not use.

INCORRECT Another GOTSOCCER roster we do not use

If you are SAY Soccer, USSSA, US Club or AYSO you will use their approved rosters NOT the gotsoccer rosters

Your club registrar will be able to get you your correct FYSA roster - please contact them if you are unsure


If you are using a player not from your club you must have a guest player form signed by that players club.

The guest player can only be from a team of the same affiliation as yours.

Fysa guest player form

US Club guest player form

******USSSA teams*******

USSSA does not age verify players so you need to provide a copy of everyones birth certificate at check-in.