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Every student at La Follette is going to get a Chromebook, a charging cable and a Chromebook sleeve/cover to take home for the 2018-19 school year. We are the first high school in the district to have take-home devices.

We will also have a sticker for each Chromebook with student name, logo and “If found, please call” message.



Roll out to parents - letter home from MMSD (and Take-home Guidelines)

When will staff get upcoming Professional Development training?

When will students get training?

When will students get the actual devices? By beginning of the 2nd week of school

What about Smart Boards & classroom layout? You received a survey to make a choice about whether or not you want your interactive whiteboard removed this summer.  If you have an interactive whiteboard and have not completed the survey yet, please do so now.

        All classrooms, that did not receive a monitor last summer,  will receive a monitor this summer regardless if interactive whiteboard is staying. Please start to plan how you will lay out your room for the new monitor.

Visit THIS Frequently Asked Questions link - It covers what happens if: the device isn’t working or breaks, is left at home, a student moves away or moves here after the day we pass them out, what happens with the devices at the end of the year, tips for finding wifi and/or working offline, how to clean the device, and how to back-up work and assignments

Other Questions:

If their Chromebook has been stolen? The family has to file a police report and share a copy with the principal and/or librarian

Parents can “opt out” of take-home devices for students, but those students will still have a device provided for them at the school; they will be able to check it out from the LMC (or other designated area) and return it before they leave school for the day. This may include families that already have a device, indigent or temporarily homeless students, students with cognitive disabilities, etc. If they do opt out, Information Tech department (what is TJ’s dept. Called ?) will make a follow-up call to parents. We will know how many students/ student devices this actually is after registration.

Updates in the Building

Additional Links:

Behavior Management with Devices? The Behavior Team has rolled this into current behavior expectations & we have the PRIDE language around these here

Link to the Google Doc “LHS Digital Device Support

La Follette Tech by Scott Fernholz - shows many apps and plug-ins to make teaching more engaging and 21st Century