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Camp Cherith Registration

____________________________________________________________________    ____ /____/____          

Camper’s Full Name (only one camper per form, please)                                                                       Date of Birth


Street Address/City/State/Zip                        


Parent/Guardian Name(s)                                                 Parent/Guardian E-mail                        

_________________________ ____________________________   ______________________________

Home Phone                                                      Cell Phone                                                               Work Phone

Grade completed as of start of camp:  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11    12    This will be my _____ year at camp.

Home church (if any)____________________________________________________________________________

Do you attend a Pioneer Club?    No     Yes, I attend at ______________________________________________

How did you originally hear about Camp Cherith? _____________________________________________________

Cabin-mate request (optional) _____________________________________________________________________

                                                                  (Must be in same age division; placement of more than three friends together cannot be guaranteed.)

Camp Weeks

Sign me up for the following week(s):

 Boys Week 1        June 16-21


 Girls Week 1 –Who Let the Dogs Out?        June 23-28

 Girls Week 2 –’Merica: Red, White,and Blue        June 30-July 5

 Girls Week 3 –Riddles, Clues, and Puzzles, Oh My!        July 7-12

 Girls Week 4 –Once Upon a Time        July 14-19

 Girls Week 5 –Fast as Lightning         July 21-26

 Boys Week 2        July 28-August 2

Transportation/Release Information

For your child’s safety, we require that this section be completed. Please indicate below how your camper will be getting to and from camp. Camp Cherith offers a chartered bus that stops at four locations (see Fees section for costs). If you select the bus option, additional information will be sent to you.

To camp:        Drive    Bus (circle location):  Bloomington / Blaine (Northtown) / Elk River

From camp:        Drive    Bus (circle location):  Bloomington / Blaine (Northtown) / Elk River

Please notify the camp of any changes before departure date.

Volunteer Opportunities

Parent/adult volunteers are welcome at Camp Cherith. A link to the volunteer staff application is available on our website. Adults who are accepted and complete paperwork will receive a $125 discount for the camper of their choice.

Work Opportunities

A limited number of work opportunities are available for campers who have completed 6thgrade or above. Working campers get great work experience and receive a discount on camper fees. Full job descriptions are available at our website. If interested, please choose from the following and confirmation will be sent if a position is available:

Boys Week 1&2 ONLY: Kitchen Aide – Set tables, wash tables, wash dishes, etc.; $90 camp fee discount

Boys Week 1&2 ONLY: Corral Aide – Clean corral and barn, brush and bridle horses, etc. (includes early a.m. duties); $90 camp fee discount

 Girls Weeks Only: “Sweat & Serve” – This program is a leadership development based work camper option where campers will have the opportunity to “Sweat & Serve” while still getting to experience camp. Please see our website for more information. 


Partial scholarships are available through the Camp Cherith Scholarship Fund.  Please send me a scholarship application.

Fees - $390 Camp fee (per week)        or $365 if you register before March 1, 2019                                

Optional fees and discounts:

$100  Horsemanship Skills activity fee        $25   Discount for each additional camper in the family

$100  Bus fee – both ways         $90   Discount for kitchen aide or corral aide (Boys only)

  $50  Bus fee – one way        $240 Discount for “Sweat & Serve” (Girls only)

  $50  Stayover fee for two-week camper                 

          (only Shikaris & Explorers)                    

*This is an optional leadership development program for campers who’ve completed 10th grade or above. See our camp brochure or website for details.


If you use this form to register you will receive an invoice, necessary forms, and important information.

If you register online all forms and information will be available as you complete the process.

$ ________    Registration fee ($100 for each week attending camp PLUS $25 for each week attending horsemanship; applies toward camp and horsemanship fees)

$ ________    Gift for Camp Cherith Scholarship Fund (tax deductible contribution to help financially challenged families send a child to camp – thank you!)

$ ________    Total enclosed

Payment by:   Visa    MasterCard    Discover    Check (payable to: NCCC)    

Card #:_________________________________________________________________

Security code (3-digit number on back of card): ____________Expiration: ______/______          

Cardholder’s name: ________________________________________________________

I authorize payment of $_______ from this account._______________________________


My child has my permission to attend Camp Cherith. He/She may participate in its activities both on and off site, and receive emergency treatment if necessary. My child may be photographed/videotaped for use in camp promotion including brochures and websites. I understand that the registration fee is refundable only if I notify Camp Cherith of cancellation at least two weeks prior to camp. I understand that if a child is sent home due to violating camp policies a refund will not be given. I understand that Camp Cherith is unable to accommodate children with significant special needs (child must be able to function with an 8:1 campers-staff ratio).

Signature __________________________________________________________  Date ____________________

Questions? Contact Gerri at 612-991-3124 or Please send registration and payment to:

                                    Gerri Wilson, Registrar - 17 S. First Street A1503 - Minneapolis, MN 55401

Thanks for choosing Camp Cherith – we’re looking forward to a great summer!

Summer address: 32884 Camp Cherith Road  Frazee, MN 56544  218-334-8454



Skill-Building Activity Selection

Name __________________________________________________      Grade completed __________

Each camper participates in two dynamic skill-building activities throughout the week. Campers are enrolled in these activities in the order registrations are received. Please rank your top seven selections from the list below with 1 as your first choice. Grade levels indicate the grade you have completed.

Note: If registering for two weeks, rank choices for each week separately and circle your second-week choices. Some activities may not be available every week.

____ Air Riflery (grades 4-5)        

____ Archery (grades 4-12)

____ Biking (grades 6-12)

____ Bucket Drumming (grades 6-12)

____ BUILT – Boys Week 1 (grades 10-12)

____ Canoeing (grades 4-12)



____ CILT 1 – Girls Weeks 2&3 (grades 10-12)

____ CILT 2 – Girls Weeks 1&2 (grades 10-12)

____ Crafts

____ Crazy Science (grades 1-5)

____ Drama (grades 1-8)

____ Fishing

____ Games/Sports

____ Grab Bag Surprise!

____ Guitar (grades 4-12)



____ Hiking (Nature) (grades 1-3)

____ Horsemanship Program

(see“Placement Level” section on Horse Experience Inventory on the following page):

____ Kayaking (grades 1-12)

____ Newspaper (grades 1-5)

____ Squishy Slimy (Nature) (grades 1-5)

____ Outdoor Cooking

____ Outdoor Survival (grades 6-12)

____ Riflery – 22s (grades 6-12)

____ Sailing (grades 6-12)



____ Snorkeling (grades 4-8)

____ Swimming Lessons (grades 1-5)

 Novice – never taken swim lessons

 YMCA or Red Cross Level: ____

____ Waterskiing/Wakeboarding

____ Woodworking


Horse Experience Inventory

Complete this form if you’ve selected the Horsemanship Program skill-building activity.

Name ______________________________________________  Age _____ Weight _____ Height _____  

Week(s)attending:    Boys 1     Boys 2     Girls 1     Girls 2    Girls 3     Girls 4     Girls 5

1. Do you own a horse that you care for and ride?     No     Yes

2. Have you ever taken Horsemanship at Camp Cherith?     No     Yes, for _____ years

3. Have you ever taken a trail ride (anywhere)?     No     Yes, I’ve taken _____ trail ride(s)

4. Have you taken riding lessons other than at Camp Cherith?     No     Yes (circle type): English/Western  


5. If you answered “Yes” to question 4, how many riding lessons have you had? _____

6. If you’ve been involved in any other horse-related activities, please describe your experience:

 ❑4-H Horse _______________________________________________________________________

 ❑Horse camp______________________________________________________________________


7. Rate your confidence (not ability) about riding:

Nervous/don’t want to lead or ride by myself    1    2   3   4   5    Confident/ready to try new things

8. Rate your riding skill:

(Please be as accurate as possible as a camper cannot remain in a class if they lack the prerequisite skills; they will be transferred to a more appropriate class level, or, if no openings are available, removed from the activity with the fee refunded on a pro-rated basis.)

 ❑Beginner – never ridden a horse before or ridden less than 10 times while steering the horse.

 ❑Intermediate A – have ridden while steering the horse and can walk/trot with control of the horse and good body position.

 ❑Intermediate B – can walk/trot/lope with control of the horse and good body position; can post and sit the trot while steering the horse around obstacles.

 ❑Advanced – can walk/trot/lope with control of the horse and good body position; can post on the correct

        diagonal and two-point position, cue for the correct lead, and maintain control through transitions.

Placement Level

Each participant is placed in a skill-building class appropriate to their ability level.

Riding Attire

Bring long jeans for riding; shorts or athletic pants are not permitted. Riding boots or low-heeled shoes are strongly recommended because stirrups cannot be used with flat-bottomed shoes (such as sneakers) and it’s more difficult to ride without stirrups. Open-toe shoes are not permitted. The camp has a few extra pairs of boots available for camper use, but sizes vary. Camp Cherith will provide riding helmets, which all riders are required to wear. You’re welcome to bring your own riding helmet, but bike helmets or other multipurpose helmets are not permitted.

Updated 12/2018