Shetlands rules:


Base distances shall be 50 feet in Shetland. The front of the pitching machine shall be 35 feet from the back of the home plate.

There is no infield fly rule.

Bunting is not allowed.

No specific glove rule will apply.


The offensive team shall have two base coaches who will remain within the coaching boxes at all times, a pitching coach behind the pitching machine, and a batting coach at home plate.


The defensive team will be permitted two defensive coaches. These defensive coaches must remain in the outfield foul territory along the foul lines, beyond the offensive coach’s box.




Each team shall have a maximum of ten players on the field in defensive positions.

Outfielders may be no closer than 20ft from the base path.


No infielder, except for the pitcher and catcher, may be closer than 40 feet from home

Plate until the ball is hit and may play no further than 10 feet from the 1B-2B-3B

baselines. Infielders are encouraged to not stand directly on the baseline or in the base

path when in their defensive position.


Shetland teams must field a Catcher on defense. The catcher must be positioned behind home plate, clear of the batter. The umpire shall enforce these rules before calling “pitch”.



The Players playing the Pitching position in Shetland must wear batting helmets.


The defensive pitcher will play defense from a position to the side of the pitching machine.  Failure to do so is ruled “no pitch”.


For machine pitch, a Louisville Slugger UPM 45 pitching machine will be used. The pitching distance shall be 35 feet, and the machine settings shall be: established by FVPB prior to the season start. Setting 2 powers, 3, 4 are release (All Star settings).



A batter will bat until he/she hits a fair ball or 3 strikes within five (5) pitches; if a batter fouls off the last pitch they will continue their at bat.


USA Bats Only.  No T-Ball Bats allowed



Play stops when (a) the ball is in the possession of an infielder and the infielder holds up the ball while within the infield area.


If the runner has passed the 2/3 mark when the play is killed they will be granted the next base provided that the other runner has cleared their 2/3 mark to the next base.


An appeal play shall be allowed at any time prior to the umpire’s next call for a pitch to the next scheduled batter following the play. The Manager need only notify the umpire that he/she wishes to appeal.




The five-run rule will be used for Shetland. For Shetland team may only score a maximum of five runs per inning, for the first four innings and the 5th inning a maximum of 10 runs.  If the home team is down by more than 10 they will have the opportunity to tie the game.

If the home team ties the game in a playoff game, the game will go to extra innings starting with a runner on second.  10 Run Maximum will still be in effect.  

Mercy Rules

15 Runs after 3 Innings

10 Runs after 4 Innings


Time Limit is 1:15 Minutes, after which the current inning must be completed.  There is no drop dead time limit


The umpire will inform both team of the start time.