YEAR 6 PROFILE- Reflection on my time at PCS and in particular 2018


NAME: Tarleen sohal                                                HUB:Kauri hub

1.This year I have been a successful learner in:Writing because I try new things.

2. I am proud of my improvement in:Maths because I know how  to do division.


3. The following support has helped me as a learner:I ask the teacher for help.


4. My involvement in sports and cultural activities includes: I do indian group where you  are performing.

5. I have really enjoyed and will remember the following PCS activities: l really enjoyed the variety show because I  got to make a dress

6. My contribution to PCS includes: I have listened to the teacher and doing my work and I try.

7. I would like to thank: all of my teachers for helping me for my school years.

8. My interests outside school include: I love to draw and pint.


9. I am going to be an:Artist because I love to draw and pint.