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RHL Executive Summary
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Loudoun County Public Schools

Comprehensive Needs Assessment - Executive Summary

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Stakeholder Input

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Instructional Overview

Provide descriptive information related to the curriculum, instructional programs, and/or existing interventions to support the academic, behavioral, and/or social emotional needs for all students.

Perceptual Data

Aug 2018

Based on a review of our perceptual data to include our parent, student and staff surveys, Round Hill Elementary  continues to provide a safe and orderly environment through strong communication and collaboration throughout the school.  Parents remain pleased with our school.  We continue to have no significant data from students and parents documenting a problem with bullying.  We continue to monitor our data and approach issues in a proactive and positive way, empowering students to utilize the skills that are taught in our school counseling lessons.

Aug 2019


Technology and Learning

Our school was a computer science immersion school using the Code to the Future curriculum.  The teachers were provided ongoing professional development to support coding instruction. The students coded for 30 minutes a day using Scratch, Minecraft Education and Lego Robotic software. Each student completed three epic build projects and presented their projects at three Epic Build Showcases.

All K-5 teachers completed the requirements of become a Common Sense Media Digital Certified teacher. All K-5 students received instruction using the Common Sense Media Curriculum. Round Hill was also a Common Sense Recognized School.

Process Data

Our students completed  four PBL learning opportunities during the 17-18 school year which were completed one each quarter throughout the school year. Teachers in grades kindergarten - Grade 5 utilize the Lucy Calkins Units of Studies as their reading plans and work diligently to implement the lesson plans consistently each day.  Kindergarten completed learning walks and colleague observations to build collaboration and systematically build the workshop model in all kindergarten classrooms. Collaborative learning teams met weekly to review student assessment data, review targeted intervention groups and topics, and align standards to grade level lesson plans. Specific, targeted intervention in reading and math was provided to students in Tier 2 and Tier 3 intervention groups throughout the week.  All grade levels met for three full days for differentiated professional development related to computer science integration, PBL, and Reading Workshop.  Teams also reviewed MAP data during these meetings and revised tiered intervention plans for students in need of tiered instruction.  

Extended Learning Opportunities

Provide information to describe extended learning opportunities for students, staff, families and community.

Round Hill Elementary is moving into year two of our partnership with Code to the Future and computer science immersion in grades K-5.  This instructional approach paired with our continuing growth in the incorporation of PBL projects has had an impact on our students’ development in the 5 C’s.  Staff will continue to be provided with embedded professional development to support their incorporation of these strategies into daily instruction.  Through the continued implementation of three Epic Build Showcases and ongoing PBL exhibitions for students to demonstrate their learning, parents will be provided with opportunities to learn alongside their children.  

Innovation Lab - An innovation lab has been created to allow our students an opportunity to apply computer science skills and strengthen the 5C’s while enhancing their knowledge of grade level curriculum.   All grade level teachers have started planning with the Instructional Facilitator of Technology to develop grade level lessons that incorporate computer science and grade level curriculum.  Lessons occur bi-weekly to allow students an opportunity to deepen  their computer science skills and learn with alternative types of technology (ozobots, robots, 3D printer).  Quarterly planning will occur throughout the school year where teachers will orchestrate  challenging, authentic problems and tasks that students will work collaboratively to solve and or address.  Emphasis will be placed on the process not always the successful completion of the assigned task.

Areas of Strength

Summary statements for domains providing evidence of analysis of trend data over a 3-year period and data triangulation to confirm areas of strength. Provide a clear connection between outcomes and contributing factors.

Round Hill Elementary continues to make connections with the community through multiple partnerships with local businesses and community organizations with the goal of providing students with opportunities that lead to deeper more real-world learning opportunities.  Round Hill Elementary School was honored to be recognized for two school business partnerships this year one with Great Country Farms and the other with Boulder Crest Retreat Center.

Perceptual Data

Round Hill continues to work above domain norms in the areas of students taking responsibility for their own learning, communicating with parents, as well as providing a safe and welcoming environment for students to maximize their learning engagement and overall well being.

Technology and Learning

Student use of multimedia skills to create and edit videos continues to be a strength.  Students and staff also demonstrated outstanding growth in their understanding and application of block based coding and the interaction between software and hardware.

Student Achievement Data and Outcomes

Based on a review of the Virginia School Accreditation Detail Report Round Hill demonstrated multiple areas of growth from last year.  

In math, we have maintained academic growth in our overall SOL math assessments in grades 3-5. Areas of strength include the following:

Economically Disadvantaged: 95.65%, up from 81.48%  the previous year.

English Learners: 93.33%, up from 76.92% the previous year

Hispanic: 92.00%, up from 85.71% the previous year

Students with Disabilities: 86.67%, up from 79.31% the previous year

In English, there was an overall score of 90.14%, up from 85.31% from the previous school year. In science, there was an overall score of 88.00%, up from 80.20% from the previous school year.

Asian: 90.91% up from 80%

White:  90.79% up from 85.94%

Students with Disabilities: 82.61% up from 69.49%

English Learners: 93.75% up from 92.31%

Areas for Growth

Summary statements for domains providing evidence of analysis of trend data over a 3-year period and data triangulation to confirm areas of concern. Provide a clear connection between outcomes and contributing factors.

Perceptual Data

Student use of online skills to collaborate and learn is an area of tremendous growth. 74% of students collaborate monthly online  and  55% of students complete either an assessment or assignment online monthly.  Students completed the annual school survey, it was noted that the feeling of belonging at school was 87% overall in grades third through fifth.  Fifth grade was the lowest at 78%.  

Technology and Learning

Teacher and student digital citizenship skills improved over the last year but continue to be an area that need focus to raise awareness until 100 of students are confident, responsible digital citizens.

Student Achievement Data and Outcomes

Based on a review of the Virginia School Accreditation Detail Report Round Hill demonstrated minor declines providing opportunities for growth.

In overall Math, scores were 91.70% down from 92.68%.  

White: 92.04% down from 93.83%

In English, the following subgroups demonstrated some opportunities for growth.

Economically disadvantaged: 87.50% down from 90.00%

Hispanic: 87.50% down from 89.29%

Although these are relative areas of decline they continue to be areas of target focus for Round Hill Elementary School.