Black River Independent School Committee

Date/Time: 07/11/2019 @ 6:30pm

Location: Black River High School Middle School Library


I. Call to Order-Called to order @ 6:42pm by JB

  1. Roll Call-John Bannon, Heather Tucker, Kristen Garvey, Uli Donohue, Hyle Daley, Melissa Perrino, Sean Williams, Marissa Selleck, & Megan Harlow Jenkins via phone conference; Joann Wilson @ 6:55pm from Building Feasibility Sub-Committee
  2. Approval of Agenda: Additions & Deletions-KG added Bookkeeping to III. Business A. Updates #3.  New Agenda approved unanimously

II. Approval of Minutes

  1. 07/02/2019-Postponed, lots to review

III. Business

  1. Updates

1. Stemwinder Fundraiser Event 07/10/2019 Debrief of Presenation-MP: Suggestion to be aware of how test scores/testing are discussed compared with other local communities (stay away from addressing those as negative); introducing ourselves accurately; publicly/openly thanking Stemwinder (be aware/pro active to do so); having a long-term member being part of presentation one way or another;

JB:Impressed by turn out (MS-everyone on the attendance list leading up to event showed up); reviewed donations total, who/how much (good start; MUCH more to go, though); hiring someone/people to handle the actual solicitation (very time consuming); MHJ: advocated for hiring someone (a guest had suggested to her that we in fact hire someone official), JB: Consultant has said no not yet, save money.  KG: Suggested maybe hiring someone just 10 hours a week to at least organize, track database, etc. SW elaborated, maybe do an early hire & offer an incentive; business manager? Received really good feedback, felt excited for the event; what next?! No offer from any guests to meet personally so we need to follow up ourselves. MHJ: We also need more tangible progress to update donors with, ie: Building credit, proving credibility; who we know, utilized, etc. KG: We also need to fine tune some of the content, ie: Pillars, make sure we’re all on the same page. Discussion about setting up OVTV interview to record presentation & get it out there.  JW: And show Stemwinder’s support; furthermore, another guest (William Vanneman) suggested hiring a grant writer; Lisa Schmidt (guest at Stemwinder) suggested Cafe DeLite event. SW: Beth Chase also suggested presenting for community events.


        2. Building Feasibility Sub-Committee 07/11/2019 Update-They reviewed the

        draft typed up by Dan Buckley; Town cannot lease building for affordable

        housing; building is up to code for any entity no matter who resides, nothing

        major needs to be updated (except tank, group needs insurer to inspect).  Town

        Manager would like Financial part of State App to be available for review for the

        Select Board’s Sub Committee

        3. Bookkeeping Report via KG-Now that the first big event is over review how

        much we received & if we should buy in for the bookkeeping software.  We also

        need to make sure we are updated on tax.  We will pay her for the initial training

        & KG will then run the program; price difference?  Full version using “logmein”

        access (too much open access, though); or getting one computer to save it on

(just make sure we have back ups in case the computer crashed).  Decision

needs to be what we are diligent to.

        MP Motion to approve KG to follow through with the bookkeeping; JW 2nd.  

        Unanimously passed. MP-Cancel QB’s? KG-No, wait.  UD-File taxes?  It won’t

        take long.  KG-doesn’t matter for now

      B. Discussion

        1. Press Release-Reviewed KG’s draft hosted (submit to VT Journal, Mt. Holly

Chit Chat, Rutland Herald)

2. Slack Usage-Great tool but utilizing it appropriately, make sure it’s for work;

JW: Message should match the medium; does the info match a quorum.

Timely/immediately items maybe via email group.  MP-Threads concept review

Remove the decision making from it, just for leg work

3. Head of School Position & Job Description to Post-Summers & Sean’s

resource, who is the Head of the Santa Fe School in CA, reviewed our job

description & suggested we be less strict w/ requirements & also share what we

are doing/who we are.  JW-PP also shared those sentiments, we limit ourselves

with too many requirements & lose out on a driven individual.  MP-where to post?  

School Spring charges $250; we could use Indeed & Monster; & Carney Sandau

(Independent School posting site); JB-questions about who and what duties?  

What to offer him/her, & where to find them; MHJ: We need to officially post for

proper protocol, though. JW: As for State App, Judy Pullinen said it was ok to put

“TBD” for staff, but...Head of School to sign off on; Reviewed Pros & Cons of

hiring asap w/ out money to offer, overall group agreed needs to be posted, see what candidates are available. HT: Someone who will be involved (& willingly/knowingly); MHJ: Advertise, publishing dutes as well! Someone willing to go out there & make the money necessary for this endeavor. Group agreed for JW to make edit suggestions, & Board will approve it for next week; we will also need a hiring sub-committee

        *Follow Up-SW reach out to contact about best options of where to post

JB-Concerns about hiring asap (acting brashly/rushing into vs. taking the time to

raise proper funds & find right candidate). HD-For State App how does it look

TBD vs. real name/person?  KG-Suggested maybe it would be acceptable to

hire an administrator position to sign off on App for now. SW-Read the App, it

reads “as an officer or administrator”.  UD-Credibility if we have a real person.

MHJ: Credibility crisis, though; not everyone understands the process yet

KG: Hire someone to be consistent for a little bit & then provide better offer

for a rehire situation; JB: Do we hire someone to fundraise?  Organize? Head of School? KG: It can be a small paid position, ie: Admin; MHJ: Again, matter of offering most credibility; KG: First though what if we need to fundraise to get the position filled to showcase that credibility.  SW: Suggested we push the deadline to hire back a month or 2 (October as opposed to August); JW: Also, like KG said about fine tuning the pillars, can’t hire until we know/agree on every aspect; for now, send in app as best we can, & get the Town the financial piece in the meantime for review and their own preparation.  JB-Reminded concern that we need more $; we are also a small community & what does it look like sharing finances, resources, etc.? MP-Voiced concern about not moving fast enough;

        MHJ-We should at least post to show more credibility; we can always withdraw a

        posting if need be.

                *Follow Up-HT to request advice from legal contact w/ expertise

        MHJ-Another concern to consider is that this is a small area, though; it might take

time to get it out there; Discussion about member within group in position; again,

concern about following process protocol, getting the word out there we’re

looking for that position currently (or close to doing so), displaying credibility by

posting to greater community, etc, as well as not rushing into it.  Also depends on

members potential options & job offers.  No concurrence reached, Board to

review all pros & cons together; first step is to regroup and review edited version

next week.  Work groups & designating tasks will help, too.

        4. Event Planning-MHJ will dive into website content (the more tangible

material, the better); everyone has homework for next week to

brainstorm/organize possible future events

        5. Long Term Timeline-Agreed to postpone until next week; review work groups

        and designate such tasks appropriately.

IV. Public Comment-Social Media (HT reach out to Eliza Greene @ Hostel about her Facebook Boost offer)

V. Suggested Items for Next Meeting

UD Application for Appreciated Stocks

Head of School Legal Advice Update

Event Calendar Brainstorming

Long Term Timeline Lockdown?

VI. Adjournment-Adjourned by JB @ 8:39pm