AP Calculus AB

Bedford High School

AP Calculus 小心

9/22/18        Quiz #1

Factoring was a big part of this quiz.  Students needed to be comfortable with expressions similar to  , , and figuring out how to deal with .  The last one being my beloved “” type problems.  

In terms of a rational functions unit, student needed to know that vertical asymptotes can never be crossed, but horizontal asymptotes can be crossed by a graph.   Also, it’s possible for a function to have a horizontal and vertical asymptote that is the same value.  Can you think of a simple one from parent function work?

From a Pre-Calc/Trig unit circle student needed to be comfortable knowing  is zero.  

There was some confusion about where a graph similar to
would have points of discontinuity, more specifically what’s happening around .  

An absolute value, rational-looking function like , some students need practice with graphing in order to uncover the nature of any point(s) of discontinuity and the true picture of the graph.  Do you know how to write  as a piece-wise function?  

Students, even in senior year math seem scared of radical operations.  Too many places to mess up if you needed to manipulate .  This one was skipped by scores of students.  

One question I left off that was from EDx and I wonder if you could have gone it...Write the equations of the horizontal asymptotes of .  What say you?  How do you determine behavior has ?


Here were the Learning Objectives for the quiz that were shared on our Trello Board prior to the quiz.