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How To Get a Library Card
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Did you know that you can sign up for a free E-Library Card? It’s easy! You do it all yourself!

*If you want a full access library card, you must come in person to sign up*

*WLN library cards are free to all residents of Westmoreland County*

  1. Visit the Westmoreland Library Network website.
  2. On the left hand of the screen under “How do I…” Click “Get a Library Card”
  3. Scroll until you see, “To register for a digital card that grants access to our eBooks and eAudio collection only” and click on “visit this page
  4. If you are not registered for library services, click here to register now.
  5. Select your home library, this is usually the one closest to where you live.
  6. Enter your Postal Code and the click continue
  7. Then it may ask you to select a city based on that information
  8. Next is the screen where you will enter all your information
  9. Once you click submit it will send you a confirmation number and an email within 24 hours.
  10. The email will contain your new account information.
  11. Start reading or listening to all your favorite books!