Introduction to Weebly

Directions: As you follow along with my presentation complete the following tasks. There are 11 tasks you must complete today. In order to receive full credit you must complete all tasks.

Helpful keyboard shortcuts

CRL-C (Copy)

CRL-V (Paste)

CRL-X (Cut)

CRL-  (Screenshot- saved to downloads)

Task 1:

Create a Weebly account

Task 2:

Change the theme for your page

Task 3:

Title your homepage

Task 4:

Get the link for your process paper. Do this in a separate window. 

Task 5:

Create a “Process Paper & Bibliography” page. Instead of choosing “Standard Page” choose “External Page”. Paste the link you just got for your process paper.

Task 6:

Add the following image to your homepage.

Task 7:

Add a textbox below the image. Input the following citation.

Coffin, Tom. Anti-War Demonstration, Atlanta, Georgia, April 18, 1970. 18 Apr.
    1970. Georgia State University,
    collection/coffin/id/968. Accessed 8 Nov. 2017.

Task 8:

Embed the following video to your homepage.

Hint: Click share to find the code.

Task 9:

Cite the video. Follow the same method as above.

James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket. Directed by Karen Thorson, Maysles Films

     & PBS/American Masters, 1990. Vimeo, Accessed 8 Nov.


Task 10:

Publish your site.

Task 11:

Screen shot the homepage. Attach the image in an e-mail to me.