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NJECC CS Meeting (2019-05-19)
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State of the State of Computer Science in New Jersey

Friday, May 17, 2019


8:55 AM NJECC Meeting Kick-off

9:00AM 802.11 AX What Is It and How Does It Work (Vendor Presentation)

9:15AM Overview and Objectives

9:20AM Computer Science State of the State

9:40AM Microsoft TEALS (High School)

10:05AM Everyone Can Code with Apple EDU (K-12)

10:35AM Selecting a K-12 CS Curriculum

10:40AM (K-12)

11:00AM Google CS First (Grades 4-8)

11:20AM Girls Who Code (After-school / Summer)

11:40AM FIRST Robotics (Extracurricular)