So how we do that so that mind will not be swept away by the desire that is described in next verse.

BG 2.68

tasmad yasya maha-baho

nigrihitani sarvasah


tasya prajna pratishthita


tasmat -- therefore; yasya -- whose; maha-baho -- O mighty-armed one; nigrihitani -- so curbed down; sarvasah -- all around; indriyani -- the senses; indriya-arthebhyah -- from sense objects; tasya -- his; prajna -- intelligence; pratishthita -- fixed.


Therefore, O mighty-armed, one whose senses are restrained from their objects is certainly of steady intelligence.

tasmad yasya maha-baho -> Therefore O great warrior you have concurred many great enemies but now you have to concur the greater on and that is senses -> nigrihitani sarvasah -> so control all the senses. Previous verse the emphasis was even one of the wandering senses can drive away the mind therefore none of the sense are allowed to wander. So emphasis here is sarvasah.

indriyanindriyarthebhyas – don’t let the senses go to sense object, don’t let the mind focus, when the senses prolonged with sense object mind get involved and then one start getting deluded but when we control the senses nigrihitani sarvasah then

tasya prajna pratishthita -> That way one become prajna prathisthitha -> one’s intelligence become strong.

maha-baho – O Arjuna you are Maha-Baho your will power is to discipline the senses.

The test of true strength the test of true character is not just the size of one’s biceps, people can have big biceps but a very weak will power when the temptation comes they just fall flop as if they are made of sand castle they get crushed immediately.