Saint Bernadette Preschool Handbook


Saint Bernadette Mission Statement


Saint Bernadette Catholic School is a Christ-filled learning community promoting faith,

acceptance, service and peace.




Saint Bernadette Catholic Preschool, in partnership with the Church, Saint Bernadette Parish community, our state and the family, provides a Catholic Christian education through which Gospel values are presented, lived, and fostered.  We are dedicated to preparing 3, 4, and 5’s to successfully enter Kindergarten.  We will be using religion in our daily classes as well as the Content Learning Standards set in place by the Ohio Department of Education and Diocese of Cleveland.  We will be using Developmentally Appropriate Practices to plan lessons and encourage social/ emotional growth.


Goals and Objectives

Saint Bernadette Catholic Preschool educates students to:


Strengthen and develop personal love for Christ by.....


Develop a wholesome self-image by.....


Assume personal responsibility for learning by....


Parent Responsibilities

Parents are responsible for:





Admissions / Age and Type of Program




Length of the School Year

Saint Bernadette Preschool will open the day after Labor Day and conclude the third week of May. On days Saint Bernadette School is closed, the Saint Bernadette Preschool will be closed. A yearly calendar is sent home to parents at the beginning of the school year and can be found online.


Admission Policy

Saint Bernadette parents are expected the share their time, talent, and treasure with Saint Bernadette School and Parish. Expectations for the parish include weekly attendance at Mass, financial support through the weekly offertory collection and participation in parish activities. Opportunities to consider for the school include volunteering through PTU, attendance at parent/teacher meetings, and assisting as requested by Preschool personnel.


Children will be considered for admission to Saint Bernadette Preschool according to the following priorities:


1.  Parishioners: i.e., children of families who are registered in, attend, and

contribute to Saint Bernadette Parish. In cases with the same application date parishioner priority will be based on date of Saint Bernadette Parish registration.


2.  On a first come, first serve enrollment, depending on the available space in the program of your child’s age level.


3.  Registration for Kindergarten will be based on date of registration in the parish.



Re-registration of children attending Saint Bernadette Preschool: Families whose children currently attend Saint Bernadette Preschool will be required to re-register each year. This priority registration will take place in early January, and must be confirmed by the payment of the non-refundable registration fee.


Registration of new children:  Registration of new children for the number of

available spaces takes place later in January after the re-registration of the current preschool enrollment. The parents fill out and return the registration materials. Parents shall pay the registration fee and deposit.


Withdrawal Policy:

The preschool reserves the right to assess all incoming students to determine readiness for the preschool program. Every child will be assessed after 6 weeks of school to determine school readiness. If needed, a conference will be held to assess the child’s needs and a course of action. If a child is asked to withdraw, a pro-rated refund of their tuition will be made. If a parent chooses to withdraw their child for reasons other than job relocation, no tuition refund will be given. The child must be toilet trained. Children in “pull-ups” will not be accepted.


Reporting Absence

Please CALL the preschool office 1 (440) 734-7717 or send an email if your child is absent or planning to be absent. If the illness is of a contagious nature, please notify the preschool office immediately. Email at


Emergency Closing Procedure

If the Westlake City Schools or North Olmsted City Schools close, Saint Bernadette School and Saint Bernadette Preschool are also closed. Please listen to the radio or television for this announcement. Do not call the parish office. If there is an emergency affecting Saint Bernadette School only, parents will be notified via School Reach.


Home School Communications

Bulletins, messages from the parish, a newsletter detailing the activities and objectives of each class, and a monthly calendar are ordinarily sent home at the beginning of each month. Progress reports and conferences are offered 2 times during the year. Each child will be required to have a two handled open (tote) bag available at area grocery store or book bag).


Office Hours

Phone messages for teachers will be accepted from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Teachers will return your call during the day when they are free or after school.


Family/Custodial Situations Relationship with the School

Saint Bernadette School is finding an increasing number of families experiencing transitions in parental custodial relationships. For this reason we find it necessary to clarify and restate the usual procedures followed by the administration and faculty in dealing with parents in such situations.


In two parent families it is assumed that both parents are living at the same address unless we have been notified otherwise. Saint Bernadette School personnel will, therefore, send home notices, communications, etc., with the child. It is assumed the both parents are communicating regarding the child and that all information is shared by and between the parents. This information includes, but is not limited to, conference appointments, report cards, mid-quarter reports, discussions with school personnel, and tuition statements.


In families experiencing separation of parents, or pending divorce, the above

information will be sent home with the child to whichever parent currently has custody of the child. It is assumed that this information is shared by the parents and between the parents. Since this situation frequently impacts on a child’s achievement and interactions at school, parents are asked to inform both the principal and teacher of this fact so that appropriate support can be given to the child. Saint Bernadette School personnel cannot proceed on hearsay, rumors, or demands of parent, but only with the appropriate documentation detailed below.


In cases of an actual divorce decree involving clear custody by one parent, the principal is to be informed by the custodial parent of this fact. A copy of the entire decree bearing the case number, with the pages referring to custody and the relationship with the school, and the final page bearing the judge’s signature are to be submitted to the principal. Unless the decree indicates otherwise, school communications will be sent home to the custodial parent. Custodial parents should understand, however, that unless the divorce decree specifically limits the noncustodial parent’s right to access to records, the noncustodial parents has a right to the same access as the custodial parent. Saint Bernadette School will, unless instructed by a Court Order, release such records upon request to the non-custodial parent.  “Records” include official transcripts, report cards, health records, referrals for special services, and communications regarding major disciplinary actions. It does not include daily classwork and papers, or routine communications sent through the children to the home of residence. In these cases the custodial parent is asked to cooperate with the school and share this information directly with the noncustodial parent. This avoids time-consuming duplication of services.


Further, parents should realize that unless restricted by Court Order, any non custodial parent has the right to attend any school activity of their child that includes sports activities and class programs. Parents should keep each other informed as to these activities to avoid duplication of communications and to allow the school to better attend to the duty of teaching your children.


In cases of “joint custody” (shared parenting agreements) entitling both parents access to school personnel and activities, it is assumed that one copy of communications and information will be sent home with the child and that this will be shared by and between the parents.


Regarding parent conferences in all custody situations: It is preferred and will be the general procedure that one conference appointment be scheduled “jointly” if both parents wish to be present. It is assumed that parents are able to set aside differences and to come together on behalf of their child for this time. A joint conference further insures that both parents are given the same information at the same time, thereby avoiding misunderstanding or misinterpretations.


In cases where joint conferences are clearly neither possible nor desirable by all parties involved, alternate arrangements may be discussed with the principal, subject to the approval of both parents, and further reviewed by Saint Bernadette School’s legal counsel. Every effort will be made to keep communications open with both parents while at the same time avoiding duplication of services and excessive demands on the teacher’s time.


Visitation should generally begin at the home of one of the parents and not at school. It is hoped that visitation arrangements would reflect the sensitivity of both parents to the consistency and routines that foster security in a child and allow for school responsibilities and homework to be taken care of during the school week.


If there are questions concerning this re-statement of procedures or circumstances you feel necessitate other arrangements, please contact the principal personally.




Tuition and Fees

The Saint Bernadette Parish Finance Committee determines tuition yearly. The quarterly payment plan is as follows:

First quarter due by:                 July 1

Second quarter due by:        October 1

Third quarter due by:                January 1

Fourth quarter due by:         April 1


If paying tuition monthly, your payment is due on the first of each month, August through May.


Tuition is NOT tax deductible. Tuition and fees are to be paid with separate checks and sent directly to the school office. If you have older children in the elementary school, please write separate checks for their tuition.


The non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of registration or at re-registration.


Non-Payment Policy

If tuition payments have not been received by the end of each quarter your child may not report for the following quarter session until tuition has been paid or other arrangements have been submitted in writing and approved by the Principal.


NSF Checks

It is the policy of Saint Bernadette Parish that checks returned from the bank identified as NSF will be treated as follows:


First Offense:  NSF check writer will be fined an amount similar to the charges assessed to the parish for handling such NSF checks (currently $20.00).


Second Offense: NSF check writer will be fined an amount similar to the charges assessed to the parish for handling such NSF checks, and fined an additional $25.00.


Third Offense: NSF check writer will be fined an amount similar to the charges assessed to the parish for handling such NSF checks, fined an additional $25.00, and required to pay tuition and other fees only by cash or certified check.


This policy will be applied and interpreted by the parish pastor.





A quality preschool program should be designed to suit the developmental needs of young children, promoting their spiritual, emotional, social, physical, and intellectual growth.


The curriculum will be center based, using an integrated approach where learning occurs through active exploration and interaction in a “hands on” environment.


Multisensory activities that enhance the total development of the child are planned in a sequential manner that follows a theme or is part of a unit.  The Ohio State standards set for Preschool are incorporated into our curriculum.  The components comprising the curriculum of a quality preschool program are:


Spiritual Development

This is an integral part of the Catholic Preschool Program. It is the preparation time for more formal instruction in the years ahead. Religious readiness involves the development of a positive self-image in relationship to a loving God. This basis for a deep love of God comes from the examples set by the family and spiritual life of the parish community. A child’s sense of God comes from the warm atmosphere of love and acceptance in the preschool environment where the child learns about God’s wonderful world. Classroom prayer and para-liturgies, appropriate to the child’s developmental level, prepare him/her to participate in the celebrations of the Church.


Language Development

Language is the development of communication skills that enable a child to share his/her world with others. At the preschool level, these skills include listening, speaking, and thinking. Transferring thoughts into words is the primary skill upon which future language development is based. Learning experiences that promote an understanding of the sense of self-help the child express his/her thoughts and feelings in various ways. An awareness of the five senses will stimulate a child’s curiosity as to the different ways his/her body receives information about life around him/her. Visual discrimination and memory and auditory discrimination and memory are important readiness skills that can be taught through play activities. Listening to and sharing stories, poetry and finger plays as well as writing classroom stories about field trips, events, etc., enhance the love of language.


Social Development

Social development is the primary goal for the young child entering preschool.  A positive self-concept is essential to successful learning. The more a child understands himself/herself, the better equipped he/she is to relate to other children and adults. Basic social interaction between two children, the teacher and a child, and as a member of a group, provide ways in which the child establishes autonomy and learns skills to help him/her relate this/her world.


Personal development includes knowing name and age, eventually learning address, phone number, and birthdate, caring for toileting needs, separating from parent with relative ease, caring for own belongings, and respecting others.


Social development includes cooperative play, sharing, following directions, initiating conversations and play situations with peers, entering into group activities, developing a positive relationship with teachers, and caring about others.


Multicultural Awareness

A positive social development includes awareness on the part of the child of the similarities and differences in family life styles and cultures.


Self-concept activities, stories, field trips, and holiday customs are a few multicultural activities that enhance the child’s awareness that people are alike in many ways but may have different ways of expressing themselves.



“With the young child, his work is his play and his play is his work.” Children learn by doing. They need opportunities and experiences to explore, ask questions, test out their theories and draw conclusions. Play is the cornerstone of learning for the young child. What starts out as fun and play gradually turns into a learning experience. All play activities hold the potential for growth and learning. Play teaches children about themselves and their world. Play is a way of life for children. Saint Bernadette Preschool will offer young children the opportunities to learn and grow through planned developmentally appropriate curriculum that has its roots in play.



Art for the young child focuses on process rather than product. Copying a picture made by the teacher or a friend is not art. Art is a process of exploring and discovering; for example, what happens when two colors are swirled together or you color with crayons on a warming tray. Art is being creative and enjoying the “doing” of the activity. Imagination and materials are the only tools needed to be creative. The preschool program at Saint Bernadette will have a variety of materials and medium with which to work. Our emphasis will be to encourage discovery and creativity in the young child.


Music and Movement

Music is a channel for creative expression in two ways: The manner in which sounds are communicated by the music maker, and the emotional and physical response that sound evokes from the listener. Singing, listening to music, using rhythm instruments, making instruments, dancing, and other rhythmic activities are ways of developing a love and appreciation for music. Rhythm and movement provide an outlet for creative expressions and the joy of using the body in dance, games, and organized play.


Motor Skills

Motor skills are a vital part of the young child’s development and are critical to the learning skills he/she will need in the future. The preschool child learns with his/her body. These motor skills are not to be overlooked in favor of cognitive skills.


Gross Motor:

Body coordination, as appropriate to the child’s physical development, is enhanced through large muscle activities of walking, running, jumping, and hopping. Throwing a large ball or beanbag, catching, and aiming at a target attain hand-eye coordination. Games that require adherence to strict and limiting rules, however, are not appropriate for young children.


Fine Motor:

Eye-hand coordination is developed through manipulating clay,stringing beads, hammering, pasting, crayoning, painting, pouring, lacing and using scissors. Dexterity and strength of the small muscles are developing skills that enhance reading and writing readiness. Use of the natural hand preference is observed and encouraged, although hand dominance is not yet achieved. Eye tracking is another fine motor activity that promotes left to right progression skill required for reading readiness.



Child Evaluation

Parent Conferences:

Two scheduled parent conference days during the school year promote a greater understanding of the needs and growth patterns of the child, as well as strengthen home-school communications.  Any time a parent wishes to see a teacher, an appointment may be made with the teacher for a mutually convenient time. Parent conferences are held in early October and March. Teachers will regularly communicate with parents via phone or a note.


A preschool program serving a preschool child with a disability in a public school shall do so in accordance with Chapter 3301-51 of the Administrative Code and a preschool program serving a child in an eligible nonpublic school shall do so in accordance with the child's service plan concerning care of children with disabilities or health conditions.



Written schedules are posted in the classroom



3 Year Old Schedule – AM
8:00 a.m.                Arrival
8:30 a.m.                Meeting/ large group
8:50 a.m.                Learning Centers/ Small Group
9:50 a.m.                Gym/ large muscle/ recess
10:15 a.m.                Snack
10:40 a.m.                Grouptime/ religion
10:00 a.m.                Dismissal


Pre-Kindergarten half day Schedule - AM

8:00 a.m.                Arrival
8:30 a.m.                
Meeting/ Large group
9:25 a.m.                Centers/ small group
10:20 a.m.                Snack
10:40 a.m.                Gym/Large Muscle/recess
11:05 a.m.                Large group/ Story/Religion
11:30 a.m.                Dismissal                                                        


Pre-Kindergarten Full Day

8:00 a.m.                Arrival
8:15 a.m.                Fine motor/ individual work
8:45 a.m.                Large Group learning
9:15 a.m.                Centers/ small group
10:11 a.m.                Related Arts
10:50 a.m.                Restrooms
11:30 a.m.                Literacy large groups
11:30 a.m.                Lunch
12:00 p.m.                Recess
12:30 p.m.                Quiet time
1:10 p.m.                Stream Activity
1:35 p.m.                Snack
2:00 p.m.                Recess
2:15 p.m.                Dismissal


School Policies and Procedures


Student Behavior Code


SAINT BERNADETTE CATHOLIC PRESCHOOL is called to be a community  based on the shared acceptance of the message and challenge of the Gospel. Growth in self-discipline, a healthy responsibility for Catholic moral values, and a loving respect for the rights of all persons are encouraged and nourished.


Discipline Policy

The goal of discipline is for each child to achieve self-control. Good discipline is founded on a loving and caring relationship between adults and children. Setting clear and fair behavioral limits that are enforced consistently and regularly are key elements in good disciplinary practice. There are two main reasons for setting limits in a classroom environment:

1.     to prevent children from hurting themselves and others,

2.     to prevent the destruction of property, materials, and equipment.


Limits help define the boundaries of behavior for children. The following developmentally appropriate practices will be used:


1.  Children will be guided to appropriate behavior by setting clear and consistent limits for         classroom behavior.

2.  Positive reinforcement will be used to encourage appropriate behavior, for example,   “Thank you for waiting so patiently for your turn.”

3.  Using their mistakes as learning opportunities.

4.  Guiding children to resolve conflicts using their words rather than their hands.

5.  Helping children to verbalize the problem and then mediate the situation as they devise solutions to their own problems.

6.  Redirecting children to more appropriate behavior or to another activity rather than                             separation from the group.

7.  The State of Ohio requires us to post the following: State standards prohibit the use of     corporal punishment, restraints, confinement, use of profane language, threats, or humiliation of a child. Discipline will not include withholding food, rest, or toilet use.


If a child continues to have difficulty, the director will initiate observation times and conference with the parents. If the child’s behavior continues to be disruptive to the class and the child is unable to learn self-control after three weeks, a written warning will be sent home. If after six weeks of assistance by teachers and parents there is no improvement, the parents will be asked to withdraw the child.


PS 37-10-A:  A staff member in charge of a child or group of children shall be responsible for their discipline. No discipline should be delegated to another child.  The staff shall not abuse or neglect children and shall protect children from abuse or neglect while in attendance in the Preschool program.  Parents will be informed of the Behavior Management/ Discipline Policy as stated in 3301-37-10 and will be required to sign a document stating that they have been so informed.


Dress Code

Students may wear casual clothes and tennis shoes. Children should be dressed comfortably for play and sitting on the floor. Appropriate outerwear for outdoor play is essential.


Lost and Found

Please “name tag” all clothing. Lost and found articles will be placed in the southeast corner of the cafeteria. Periodically all unclaimed articles will be sent to various missions. Lost valuables (i.e., glasses, watches, keys, and jewelry) can be claimed in the director’s office.




Health and Accident Procedures

Saint Bernadette School Clinic is staffed by a registered nurse, who administers first aid in cases of injury or illness. The preschool furnished an emergency authorization form that directs the school’s course of action in each individual case. It is essential that the parent notify the preschool of changes of phone number, address, or employment throughout the school year so this date is always up-to-date. An accident report will be completed and sent home if necessary.


Health Services

Health and immunization reports are due on or before opening day of preschool for all new children.


Contagious Diseases

Parents are asked to contact the preschool immediately when their child has been diagnosed as having a contagious condition. This includes strep throat, head lice, and chicken pox. When a child has been home with an illness, the child should not return to preschool until free of symptoms and temperature has been normal for at least 24 hours.


Notice of the contagious diseases is sent home to parents of children who are exposed in the preschool.


Strep Throat Cultures

If a child has had a throat culture one day, he/she should be kept home the following day until the results of the culture are known.


Dismissals Due to Illness

When teacher suspects a child is ill or when a child becomes ill or injured during the school day and needs to go home, the child will be isolated until a parent or other responsible party can be reached to pick them up. If the illness is considered to be communicable the child will be sent to the clinic to await parent arrival; otherwise, the child will be isolated in the director’s office.


A child with any of the following signs or symptoms of illness shall be immediately isolated and discharged to his parent or guardian: (a) diarrhea (more than one abnormally loose stool within a twenty-four hour period; (b) severe coughing, causing to child to become red or blue or to make a whooping sound; (c) difficult or rapid breathing; (d) yellowish skin or eyes; (e) conjunctivitis; (f) temperature of one hundred degrees Fahrenheit taken by the auxiliary method when in combination with other signs of illness; (g) untreated infected skin patch(es);(h) unusually dark urine and/or grey or white stool; or (i) stiff neck; (j) evidence of lice, scabies, or other parasitic infestation.


A child with any of the following signs or symptoms of illness shall be immediately isolated from other children. The director and the parent or guardian shall determine decisions regarding whether the child should be discharged immediately or at some other time during the day. The child, while isolated at the program, shall be carefully watched for symptoms listed in paragraph (B)(2) of this rule as well as the following: (a) unusual spots or rashes; (b) sore throat or difficulty in swallowing; (c) elevated temperature; (d) vomiting.



Saint Bernadette School follows the policy of the Westlake City Schools Board of Education for giving medications. School personnel can administer medications only when a specific procedure is followed. Forms must be obtained from the Clinic to be signed by the parent and physician requesting medication to be given. Medication must be delivered by the parent, to the school, in a properly labeled container from the pharmacy. Parents should not send in medications with the child to be administered by the Clinic.


Hand washing Procedure

Hands are washed when students arrive at school, before any snack is eaten, after using the bathroom and anytime they have sensory play. Public health standards of hand washing and disinfecting procedures are followed.


 AIDS Policy Regarding Students  (Diocese of Cleveland)

Children with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) enrolled or seeking enrollment in Grades K through 12 shall be permitted to attend school or parish religious education programs in regular classroom settings provided:


1.  The health of a child, as documented by his

/her physician, allows participation in regular academic school activities.


2.  The child behaves acceptably, in a manner that would not cause spread of the disease or in any way put others at risk.


3.  The child does not have open sores, skin eruptions, or any other condition that prevents his/her control of bodily secretions.


4.  There are periodic evaluations of the child’s physical condition with written certification from his/her physician allowing continuing participation in regular academic school activities.


In Parish Elementary Schools and Parish Schools of Religion, the Pastor and Principal will confer with the appropriate persons and consult with the Regional Superintendent before the Pastor makes the final decision on each case in the parish school. Parents and guardians have the obligation to report to the school administration when any child has been diagnosed as having AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), ARC (AIDS Related Complex), or other illness caused by HIV (Human Immune Deficiency Virus that causes AIDS, also known as HLTVIII or LAV).


In order to protect confidentiality, when a child with AIDS is admitted to school, personnel who are made aware of the child’s condition should be the minimum necessary to assure proper care of the child.  Based on the condition of the child and the expected type of interaction with others, the Principal, after consultation with the proper authorities, may limit the child’s participation in school activities.


A student with AIDS who is excluded from school or a Parish School or Religious Program shall be provided with an alternative means of catechetical instruction.


Child Abuse Policy

We are mandated by the Ohio Revised Code 2151.421 to report any suspected case of physical or sexual abuse of any child.



A nutritious snack is served daily. Parents should inform the preschool of any modified diet, food allergies, or special needs of the child.  Children will bring their own snacks to school.


Birthday Celebrations

Parents of children may wish to send a healthy treat/ take home favor for the class on the occasion of their child’s birthday.


Children may choose to purchase a book for the library as their “birthday gift” to the preschool. A special nameplate will be placed in the book. In this way a student of Saint Bernadette Preschool will continue to celebrate a birthday long after the donor has graduated.



Parents are welcome to visit anytime. Parents should schedule an appointment for any observation or conference in the preschool.


Preschool’s Right to Amend

The preschool administrator and/or Saint Bernadette School retains the right to amend the handbook for just cause and that parents will be promptly notified in writing if changes are made.


 Staff Training

According to 3301-37-11 of the rules for preschool programs, a preschool staff member trained in communicable diseases, first aid, cpr, and child abuse will be on premise at all times.


Cumulative Record Policy

Pursuant to section 3319.32 of the Ohio revised code, it shall be the policy of this preschool that cumulative records be maintained in the school. These records shall exhibit in addition to other information and data, the names of the students enrolled.


Grievance Procedure

If a parent/guardian has a grievance, the party involved should first address the individual with whom they have a grievance. If an understanding cannot be worked out between the two parties, a written grievance should be submitted to the director. The director will then speak to both parties and resolve the matter. A copy of this grievance form can be found on the last page of the handbook.  A copy of the Licensing report is located on the licensing board.





Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

The child’s parents or parents’ designate shall deliver the child personally to the teacher and report any situations of which the preschool should be aware , if this is necessary. Only the parent or the parent’s designate shall pick up the child at the end of each day using the car pick up/ drop off line system in front of St. Bernadette School. If there is a change in this procedure, a note should be written to the teacher.


Late Dismissal Policy

The following policy is in effect for late dismissal:  You are considered late if you arrive to pick up your child more than five minutes after the posted dismissal times.  The first offense warrants a written notification. The second offense will carry a charge of $10.00 for every ten minutes.  Your child will not be readmitted to school until the fine is paid.


Traffic Pattern

A flyer showing the parking pattern for “drop off” and “pick up” areas will be distributed at orientation and/or made available through the preschool office.


Security System

All school doors will be locked from 8:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Both the Preschool and the Elementary School will make special arrangements for entrance to the building. It will be necessary for anyone who needs to enter the building when doors are locked to come to the front door of the school and ring the buzzer. Students and faculty will be instructed not to open doors for people who want to get into the building. There are also security cameras in the hallways of the school that are monitored in the office.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work together to keep our children safe.



All volunteers must have completed:

1. VOLUNTEER APPLICATION: Complete and submit to the school office the Saint Bernadette School Volunteer Application. Proof of identification (i.e., copy of current driver’s license) must accompany all applications.

2. BACKGROUND CHECK: Volunteers must partake in a Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI) check until it expires five years from when it was taken. For locations, please check the list on the Ohio Attorney General’s website. After five years, ths check expires and can be renewed through

3. ATTEND AN EDUCATIONAL AWARENESS SESSION TITLED PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN or VIRTUS: Awareness sessions are held at parishes throughout the Diocese. Information regarding class locations, schedules and registrations here.

4. PROTECTING GOD’S CHILDREN ONLINE UPDATES: Once you attend the educational awareness session, you will automatically receive online bulletin updates. These updates are monitored by the school office and need to be current at all times.

5. View the online video series “Child Protection Policy In-Service” found on the Diocesan website:

6. READ THE DIOCESAN POLICY FOR THE SAFETY OF CHILDREN IN MATTERS OF SEXUAL ABUSE (2016) AND SIGN ACKNOWLEDGMENT FORM: This policy can be found here. The acknowledgement form is the last page of this document and must be printed, signed and returned to the school office.

7. READ THE DIOCESAN STANDARDS OF CONDUCT FOR MINISTRY (2016) AND SIGN ACKNOWLEDGMENT FORM: This policy can be found here. Print, sign and return the acknowledgement form to the school office.

 Amendment to Saint Bernadette Handbook Policies

Saint Bernadette School and/or its administration retain the right to amend this Handbook for just cause with or without notice.  The school will attempt to keep parents promptly informed of all changes made to this Handbook.  However, some changes may have to be made immediately due to unforeseen circumstances.






NAME: _________________________________________________


PHONE NUMBER: _______________________________________



Please state the issue and the steps you have taken to resolve this issue below:


























Date: ___________________________________________


Please submit form to the director.