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Terra tutorials for LungMAP
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Cloud-based omics data analysis with Terra

NEW (11/14/2022) A featured workspace for LungMAP has been released on Terra: Explore LungMAP single-cell data 

This tutorial workspace is a step-by-step guide to importing, accessing, and analyzing single-cell RNA sequencing data from the LungMAP Data Browser using community-supported single-cell analysis tools.


Terra is a scalable platform for biomedical research co-developed by the Broad Institute, Microsoft, and Verily. Terra’s purpose is to help accelerate research by integrating data, analysis tools, and built-in security components to deliver frictionless research flows from data to results.

On Terra, you are able to

Getting Started

  1. Introduction to Terra (Article) (Video)
  2. Move your research to cloud computing (Article)
  3. Register for a Terra account (Article)
  4. Set up your Terra account (Article)
  5. Workspaces: the fundamental working units in Terra (Article) (Video)
  6. Data Tables QuickStart (Article) (Video)
  7. Workflows QuickStart (Article) (Video)
  8. Interactive analysis in a Cloud Environment: (Article)

Terra supports interactive analysis environments using

Sample Use Cases

Terra supports single-cell data analysis using state-of-the-art tools..

Other Resources

You are also encouraged to take free online courses to learn everything you need to work with Terra.

To learn more about Terra, please see Terra Support Center for a comprehensive list of resources. A growing number of videos are also available on the Terra YouTube channel.