May 15, 2017

Immediately Following Special Meeting


I.                    RECONVENE IN REGULAR SESSION:  6:04PM                                         Ron Scott


The board honored the following retirees: Teachers: Karen Cooke – Creekside, Vicki Grit – Creekside, Rhonda Lampe – New Groningen, Ruth Miller – Elementary PE, Robert Sommerville – ZEHS; Special Education: Dawn Smith – MOCI ZE/ZW, Cindy Stader – Speech Crk, Wdb, ZW; Food Service:  Deb Schaap; Transportation: Mary VanDort – Bus Driver; Support Staff: Lynn DeMarse – Pool, Patti Langlois – Custodian, Peg Machiele - Para-Pro, LaVern Sal - Cityside Custodian, Linda Warren – ZWHS Counselor.   Those in attendance were introduced and thanked by their immediate supervisor/administrator, and were given a chance to speak. 


B.   ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF VISITORS:   Pastor Clint Echols addressed the board, wishing to thank and commend them for representing the district and school system with local values and culture.                                       


II.                 SUPERINTENDENT COMMENTS                                        Cal DeKuiper

A.        MDE Onsite Review Update

After nearly 2 years of work, we have successfully passed the onsite review of state and federal programming. The district has a comprehensive guide of ZPS processes that guide and ensure that teachers and principals have voice in how to support the most at risk students.  A very special congratulations should be extended to Dr. Brandi Mendham, Lisa Bowers (Roosevelt) and Judy Tuttle (Roosevelt).

B.        First annual Art Te Leen

Here is a link to the amazing artwork and the generous community businesses who sponsored the work.  This project was inspired by our partners at Saugatuck High School, brought to ZPS by high school teachers Michelle Fuller and Deb Kemppainen. 

C.         Zeeland Education Foundation Grant Awards and Photo






A.          Minutes of the April 17, 2017 regular and special board were approved.


B.             Approved bills paid as of April 2017.  Checks #118327-118713


ACCOUNTS PAYABLE:                $1,064,593.46

PAYROLL:                                  $3,482,066.72

TOTAL:                                   $4,546,660.18


C.          Approved leave of absence for Jana Josephson -Adams, 1st Grade, and Meri VanAuken - Lincoln, Special Education.  


D.             Tenure Approved for the following teachers:

Marlene Bredeway              Kylee LaDuke

Ross Brower                                Jennifer LaPorta

Maria Darrow                      Lance McKinney

Cassie DeKleine                   Jennifer Meyering

Maggie DeYoung                 Katie Meyering

Brynne Dika                         David Miller

Jessica Foster                       Anna Pyle

Michelle Fuller                     Jennifer Varner

Amy Funk                                     Jennifer Veldhuizen

Peggy Greshaw                    Sarah Vos

Melissa Hickey                     Stacy Wilson

Jana Josephson                    Elizabeth Zuwerink

Tenure approval was studied in detail, including all administrative recommendations, by the Curriculum Committee on April 26, 2017.   

Tom DenHerder moved and Mark Snyder supported the motion to approve the Consent Agenda as presented.

VOTE: All Yes


V.             DISCUSSION

A.     Insurance 80-20 Resolution                                          Lynn VanKampen

Lynn VanKampen advised the board that school districts have two options with regard to health insurance cost sharing with employees.  The two options are a hard cap maximum contribution from the district or an 80%/20% cost share split.   Districts originally had to take action, usually via the teacher contract, to go to an 80%/20% share.  Without action, the fall back is the hard cap.   Our current teacher contract has the 80%/20% cost share in the agreement, expiring at the end of the 2017-18 fiscal year.   For the second time, however, next year's health costs for the district’s share, 80%, will go slightly above the hard cap level.  This was caused by another increase in health care costs.  Our legal counsel advised that we must approve a resolution to remain 80/20 in our cost share agreement in order to follow both the law and honor our teacher contract.  This resolution is an 18 month resolution because MESSA products are moving to a January  - December fiscal cycle.  The recommended resolution is July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018.   With changes in MESSA programming, we may want to extend this agreement at a later date to December 31, 2018.   It is currently planned to review  a hard cap resolution  January 1, 2019.

B.        Construction Update                                                 Lynn VanKampen

Roosevelt Elementary - Three areas that are currently being constructed: the conference room in front of the building, the Z-Quest MS classrooms and ELA area on the east side of the building, and the new music room and ELA on the North side of the building. Each project is on schedule for completion.   They have also completed the group bathroom in the Z-Quest wing.  The west wing classroom renovations will begin once school is complete in June.

Creekside Middle School - Three classrooms have been completed and there will be three additional classrooms completed by Friday May 19; if we pass all inspections the second set of  teachers will be moved out of the portables and back into their newly renovated classrooms.  The next three classrooms to be completed will be in the 7th grade wing, and staff will be moved into the portables.  Classroom renovations will be February 2018 approximately.  Steel is set for the roof on the west side of the building for the new ELA area.  The 6th grade group bathroom is complete, the Quack Shack floor is raised and ductwork is near completion.

Zeeland East - Secure Main office finishing touches are taking place this week and next; carpet,painting, doors being hung, hardware installed, tile and lighting.  The Media Center renovation will take place once school is complete in June.    

Auditorium - Lobby footings and walls are being constructed and the sump pump has been moved.  Interior work will not take place until school gets out in June.  And they will be setting the steel for the lobby overhang sometime in the next week for completion approximately October.

C.    I-Pad Refresh                                                          Lynn VanKampen

The Finance Committee met on May 2, 2017, and approved this to move forward to full board consideration.  This purchase is part of the February 25, 2015 bond referendum plan.  The committee also recommended that the tech study team should meet again to  make sure our current refresh and device selections remain and are future appropriate.  This group will meet as soon as the new tech director / system administrator hiring decisions are made.   A suggestion was made that this report be analyzed through the Curriculum committee.

D.        OAISD VOTING DELEGATE RESOLUTION                Cal DeKuiper / Ron Scott

There are four candidates running for two open seats on the OAISD Board.  In addition to naming the voting delegate and alternate as in the past, the law now requires the district to approve a resolution directing the delegate to vote for specific candidates.  As a board, you will each have opportunity to provide input on any candidates you may know personally.  In this manner, each board members will have equal background knowledge.  After discussion, each board members will write two candidate names on a note card.  These signed note cards will be part of the public record, as required.  They will be tallied and the two that receive the most votes will be the ones recommended for our delegate to cast votes for on June 5.  In the case of no majority, Ron Scott will lead us through options.

The four candidates are:

Kathy Breen                Letter to BOE from Candidate Breen        

Randall Schipper        Letter to BOE from Candidate Schipper

James Stuck                

John Siemion                Letter to BOE from Candidate Siemion


VI.           ACTION:

A.         INSURANCE – 80%-20% RESOLUTION

Mark Snyder moved and Tom DenHerder supported the motion to approve the attached resolution to remain 80%-20% in our cost share agreement with insured employees through June 30, 2018.    

ROLL CALL:            YEA: Brennan, Bush, Dernberger, DenHerder, DeWitt, Scott, Snyder



B.             IPAD BID APPROVAL

Tom DenHerder moved and Mark Snyder supported the motion to approve the iPad bids per discussion above.

ROLL CALL:            YEA: Brennan, Bush, Dernberger, DenHerder, DeWitt, Scott, Snyder



Following the special meeting held earlier this evening, our  Board must now adopt a resolution expressing its support or disapproval of the proposed ISD budget, and submit to the ISD Board any specific objections and/or proposed changes the Board may have to the budget during any regular meeting prior to June 1, 2017.  

Tom DenHerder moved and Todd Brennan supported the motion to approve the resolution (supporting or otherwise) the 2017-18 General Fund Budget of the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District.


          ROLL CALL:        YEA: Brennan, Bush, Dernberger, DenHerder, DeWitt, Scott, Snyder




Tom DenHerder moved and Mark Snyder supported the motion to approve the resolution designating Rick Dernberger to vote on behalf of the ZPS Board of Education in the OAISD board election, and designating Tom DenHerder as the alternate representative, casting a vote for Kathy Breen and Randy Schipper at the June 5, 2017 election.

 ROLL CALL:    YEA: Brennan, Bush, Dernberger, DenHerder, DeWitt, Scott, Snyder




A.          Graduation Information

        Zeeland West - May 31, 7:00pm

        Zeeland East - June 1, 7:00pm

        Venture Celebration - May 25, 1:30pm ZW Cafeteria

Adult Education - June 6, 6:00pm


  The regular meeting of May 15, 2017 adjourned at 7:18 P.M.