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Dear Parent or Guardian,

This week, Simon Elementary Students had their first class in Library.  Students have 35 minutes per week in the library.  20 minutes for a library lesson or story, and 15 minutes to choose a book and check out.

We discussed library rules and check out procedures, then students were given a tour of the different areas and stem activities available to them. Students were then shown how and where to find their favorite books. I encourage them to find a “just right book” which is a book that is of interest to them, but is not too easy or not too hard to read.  All of our books have a colored Accelerated Reader label on the spine which will help students find a book that is close to their reading level.

Kindergarten will check out one book every week.  They will return their book the following week.  Students must bring back their book in order to check out another one.

First and Second grade students may check out two books every week.  Students must bring back both books in order to check out two more.  If only one book is returned, the student may only check out one that week.  Students may also renew their books.

Checking out books from the school library is an exciting moment for a young child.  It is a grown-up feeling being allowed to choose a book, bring it home, and have the personal responsibility of properly caring for a book.

“I am looking forward to helping your child experience the love of reading”.

 Diane Scott

   Simon Librarian