How to Use the Add-On

  1. Make sure collecting email is turned on and the quiz feature is turned on with correct answers marked. You need to know the number of points you have set for your quiz.
  2. Launch the Add-On AutoMastery by clicking on the puzzle piece and choosing AutoMastery> Configure..

*Allow permissions the first time you launch.

puzzle piece automastery.png                           

  1. In the Sidebar, set the Mastery Score and Beginner Score in order to determine which assignment students will receive. The Mastery Score should be the score you aim for them to get. These students have mastered the standard. The Beginner Score is the lower threshold. Students receiving a score lower than that are in need of reteaching. *You need to know the total number of points you have allotted for on the Form.

  1. Enter the link for the Extension assignment.  This is the link students will get who score AT or ABOVE the Mastery Score that you set. This could be a link to a doc, slideshow, or anything else you desire.  Consider forcing a copy of a file to students if you want them to have a version they can alter and submit to you.

  1. Enter the Progressing Assignment Link. This should be a link that will allow them to practice and move to the Mastery level. Students who score above the Beginner Score, but below the Mastery Score, will receive this link.

  1. Enter the Beginner Assignment Link.  This link should allow students to re-learn the needed information. Students who do not meet the Beginner Score threshold will receive this link.

  1. Check to email students their assignments.
  2. Change the Subject of the emails to students, if desired.
  3. Change the body of the emails to students, if desired. This will be followed by the link to their assignment.
  4. Check if you want an email with each submission.
  5. Click Save. 

Anyone who submits your Form will receive an email with a link to the appropriate assignment.

You may allow students who have not mastered the standard to work through the assignment and re-attempt the assessment multiple times in order to reach the mastery level.

If you need to make changes to the AutoMastery Settings, click on the puzzle piece> AutoMastery> Configure AutoMastery and enter your new settings before clicking Save.