Radek’s Script for CCR2

Describe your brand values / mission statement?

Rockhead is a dynamic magazine devoted to celebrate the enduring passion of rock music, from its birth up to now. No great rock band is left out as each issue deals with expressive reviews of albums, interviews with aspirational, rising artists and artists who left a great legacy on rock during their heyday.With a clear grunge and urban art style, Rockhead is easily recognisable. Being the only magazine which celebrates all forms of rock, whether its pop rock or hard rock, classic and contemporary, Rockhead celebrates all, and that is the reason on why it stands out in the shelf.

Who are your target audience?

My target audience is mix of young and old, as Rockhead supports all forms of enduring rock. Specifically, half of the audience consists of lower class males of left wing disposition, who are vigorous, masculine and sportive, with an  age range of early 20s to 35s, who love to go out and rock their heads off. There’s an older audience of a 35s to 50s, which are quite similar to the former, aside from the fact they’re more likely to go to a pub and occasionally go to a rock festival, rather then do sports.


Why would that audience buy your magazine?

The audience will buy the magazine for 4 major reasons. One, is for purely entertainment reasons. They simply enjoy rock, and they wish to go further with it. Rock artists are known for their lifestyle and philosophy, like for example Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Due to the vast amount of present bands, there will be a vast array of ideologies, some conflicting. With this, its possible for the reader to be be presented with many ideas and formulate their own opinion. In a way, it’s going to be nourishment for the mind. This is the second reason, they are going to purchase it for information. The third reason is that with all of these different bands and ideas, it allows very easy social interaction, due to the interest in rock and ideas allowing varied discussions, which brings people together. The final reason is that rock genre is very easy to identify with, allowing individuals to link their to show their interests and own personal identity, which ultimately helps to connect with people.

Who would you want to work with to distribute your magazine?

We wish to work with TimeIncUK, they already have experience in publishing music magazines, such as NME. While it can be argued it that NME already covers a huge range of music, including the Rock genre and therefore there is no need of another potential rival music magazine, they’re missing out from reaching out to an audience of devoted Rock fans, as these fans would prefer a dedicated Rock magazine rather then NME. By distributing Rockhead, TimeIncUK can reach out to this market, and certainly  increase their influence. NME and Rockhead won’t be rivals at all.

What sort of advertiser would you hope to attract?

We hope to attract Nike and Red Bull. The majority of the audience are vigorous men, with either an interest in sport, having a great time out or both of them. These two brands fill the two interests, with Nike advertising sport shoes and Red Bull having a great brand image due to its associations with energetic events and people. Both of them have renowned and successful marketing campaigns, and are more likely to pay more to get spaces within the magazine. We also wish to attract advertisers such as Carlsberg for our older demographic, who are more likely to drink alcohol.  Another advertiser we would like to attract is Monster energy drink, as most of the audience will buy it, and that the style of the advertisement has a style similar to the one present with Rockhead, such as the grunge. This will appeal to readers. We would prefer to have a combination of the aforementioned advertisers.

What strategies do you have for distribution? How will you link your print content with online content?

To survive in the current market, producing just good content isn’t enough. We are going to have two different setups, there will be the full magazine out in the stores, as there is still a market of users who prefer to buy physical copies, however, the majority of revenue will come from online advertising, as most of the audience are digital natures, and will avoid traditional media such as a typical magazine. The core of the physical magazine will be present, and the best, exclusive content will be behind a subscription. Readers can also acquire the exclusive content by simply purchasing the physical magazine. This means that no reader will be left out. For the free online content, there will be of course advertisement in order to bring revenue, not the kind of right in your face which will drive away customers, but in the sidelines. Customers will read the great “core” online content and that can convince them to subscribe to our magazines for the exclusive content. Or read the magazine physically, witness the great content, and subscribe online so that they no longer need to buy the physical magazine. In other words, there’s a synergy between the physical magazine, and online content, both influencing the reader to purchase on or the other. Being a mostly digital content provider, we will certainly have a social media presence. With this, we can certainly can influence more people to access our content, and hopefully, they’ll spread the word.