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Joslin Memorial Library Board Meeting 11/11/20, 5:30pm
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Joslin Memorial Library Board Meeting 11/11/20, 5:30pm

Minutes as follows.


Present: Trish Read, Jason Butler, Jean Joslin, Sally Reisner, Carol Hosford present via ZOOM. Absent at start, David Babic.

Trish made a motion to begin the meeting, seconded by Sally. All in favor. Jean called the meeting to order at 5:30pm.

Additional agenda item:  Discussion RE library membership for a non resident of Waitsfield.


No Friends Report

No Friends present.


Librarians Report

General discussion RE Covid uptick, related library protocols, upcoming holiday period with travellers etc. how to address/approach, keep our community and volunteers safe. Jason is conferring with the other MRV libraries and perhaps we will temporarily scale to curbside only for the brief holiday period.


David joined us 5:36


Financial Report

David presented the financial reports with general discussion. His budget work is ongoing.


Anna joins at 5:52.

David leaves at 6:03.

Draft minutes were presented from 9/9 and 10/14. Jean made a motion to approve, seconded by Jason. All in favor, minutes approved.


Presidents Report

Repairs in the meeting room are almost complete, with the table to be refinished shortly after Thanksgiving. The upstairs bathroom floor will also be retiled soon by Bisbees. Our insurance claim is underway thanks to Trevor. Much thanks goes to Charlie Hosford, Jay Seekins and Hannah Yerks for their volunteer work repairing the ceiling.


Children’s Librarian Report

Anna reported that an outdoors Halloween story time was enjoyed and ran successfully. She also presented updates regarding potential DCF connected youth programs and projects she has on the horizon. Further storytimes and youth programming however, are in limbo given the current increase in Covid statistics.


Treasurers Report

No report presented. Profit and Loss and a balance sheet had been circulated prior to the meeting.


New Business

Carol opened a discussion regarding a non Waitsfield resident wanting Joslin noted as their primary library, even though they are Moretown residents. .Jason explained that this person should still establish their “membership” through Moretown, since financial support is linked by patron numbers, but they can choose to frequent Joslin for all activity if that is the preferred library.

January 13th at 5:30pm will be our next regular Board of Directors meeting.


Sally made a motion to conclude, seconded by Anna. Jean closed the meeting at 6:41pm.