Joslin Elementary

Campus Advisory Council (CAC) Minutes

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Location: Joslin library

CAC Board Members Present:  Lindsey Taucher, Mandi Richey, Julie Barschow, Michelle Degon, Jenice Barr, Lisa Presswood, Maggie Benavides, Chris Farley, Merry Henderson, Patrick Aziz, Phoebe Hale

Community Members Present: Larry Murphy, Kate Mason-Murphy


Called meeting to order: Lindsey

Second: Jenice

Chris motioned to approve. Michelle second

The CATCH committee includes the Ms. Diaz (cafeteria manager), Ms Flores, Ms. McKinnon, Ms. Wright, and Ms. De Los Santos.

  1. Bond vote- passed                                                        
  2. Ryan Turner sent a review of his mtg with Dr Cruz requesting a yes or no answer about boundary change. He has received no response yet. Mr Aziz has received no response for request logo or signage from communications office. He reviewed His mtg with Nicole about boundaries and enrollment strategies.
  3. Principal search update [Mr. Aziz excused himself from meeting]-                Lindsey discussed how the process came about. Decision was made to draw names among candidates. Names chosen were Larry Murphy, Hugo Aguillera,(1st back-up), and Ryan Turner.   Ms Barr, Ms Benavides, Ms Harris are teacher/staff reps. The committee must have interview questions by 11/20. Clarifications about eligibility were discussed.. Michelle offered to survey teachers for interview questions.