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               RHMS Gamer Club

                                  2020 - 2021

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Do you like video games? Do you trade cards? Ever wanted to play some D&D?

Then it looks like Gamers Club is the place for you!

The RHMS Gamers Club is a club welcome to ALL students. We meet every Wednesday, until 4:15 pm to play, trade cards, and hang out with fellow gamers. We will meet in the media center. Parents can park in front of the Media Center to pick up.

Gaming Club will be cancelled today 10/6 due to Mr. Sheahan being sick. Will meet again on 10/13. Sorry!

Questions or concerns? Email 

Students will be allowed to bring their own devices and/or cards to meetings. 

Anyone who is unruly in the media center or who is continually picked up late will be asked to leave Gamers Club.