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Koenig to Parker and Bishop
February 3 2019

February 3 2019 _____ GMT [DRAFT]

Laura Ann Mahan Bishop

131 Westwood Way

San Antonio TX 78218-1717


Stuart Blain Parker

16 De Zavala Place

Shavano Park TX 78231-1446

+1.210.492.1652 (cell)

+1.803.767.8739 (cell)

Notarized demand that
excess in the premium over the actual cost as later ascertained shall be returned to the [this] policy holder [USAA member].

Recorded with the Registrar of Deeds for Bexar County TX.

Dear Ms Bishop and Mr Parker:

I am writing as a bailor to obtain each of your personal assurances that each of you will start repaying my family’s deposits which are excess to claims paid.  This notes that your $850,000,000 sale of USAA Asset Management Company  [1] to Victory Capital Management Inc. [2]  is fast approaching.  I am writing to make sure that I and all the other USAA syndicate names [USAA subscribing members]  who fronted this $850,000,000 will soon begin to receive partial re-payments starting with each syndicate name’s share of the $850,000,000.

Ms Bishop: I am writing you in your capacity as the attorney-in-fact for the 2.5 million syndicate names and as bailee of $30,000,000,000 in syndicate name deposits which are the worth  of United Services Automobile Association [USAA]  [3].  Here is your signature.

Mr Parker:  I am writing you in your capacity as the syndicate manager for the unincorporated insurance syndicate.  I also write Ms Bishop in her capacity of President of USAA Capital Corporation  [4]:

and in your capacity as Chief Financial Officer for the unincorporated insurance syndicate which is organized as a Texas reciprocal interinsurance exchange.  I feel the term unincorporated insurance syndicate best describes the truth about USAA; the term reciprocal interinsurance exchange is meaningless.

The legal basis of my enquiry is actually very simple.  Unincorporated insurance syndicates return excess capital to the syndicate names.  This requirement was memorialized by Justice Louis Brandeis in

Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co. v. Lederer, 252 U.S. 523 (1920)

It is of the essence of mutual insurance that the excess in the premium over the actual cost as later ascertained shall be returned to the policy holder.

Mr Justice Louis Brandeis [5]

United Services Automobile Association is an unincorporated insurance syndicate organized as Texas reciprocal interinsurance exchange.  No amount of smoke and mirrors, no dog and pony show, and not even Laura Ann Mahan Bishop’s Illinois deposition (sealed) in True v USAA can alter the truth of the matter: which is that every penny of net worth at 9800 Fredericksburg Road is supplied by the personal individual and several liability of each syndicate name at USAA.  If I either misread or mis-construe Mr Justice Louis Brandeis; I’m sure that you’ll phone me and let me know.


Please don’t jail me again; please do not repeat the time you jailed me in solitary confinement in Nassau County NY for seven days.  Please repay the $25,000 you extorted from my children while you jailed me.

Please stop surveilling my children in their schools and in their places of work.

Please pay my insurance claim.

Please send back my share of the excess deposits as you liquidate the “investments”you made with the funds you converted from me and the other USAA members.

A UCC-1 containing the same language, mutatis mutandis, has been filed with the Texas Secretary of State.

I am a real party in interest.  This notice (first draft) was faxed to Ms Bishop and Ms Parker on February ___ 2019 at ______.  A 2nd and final copy, as recorded with TX’s  Bexar County Clerk, was faxed on February ___ 2019 at ______.

Very truly yours,

Robert J Koenig       [notarized]
USAA Member Number 084 37 07 
+ (cell 24 x 7)


Attorneys for the parties in Patriot to Eagle



Gary Ian Horowitz Esq
NYS Registration No
Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP
425 Lexington Avenue
New York NY 10017
fax: +1.212.455.2502 

David K Boston Esq
NYS Registration No
Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP

787 Seventh Avenue

New York NY 10019-6099

212 728 8625

fax: +1.212.728.9625 


The Honorable Kent C Sullivan
TX Bar Card Number: 19487300
Commissioner of Insurance
Texas Department of Insurance
333 Guadalupe
Austin TX 78701
fax: +1.512.490.1045 

Stephanie Avakian Esq
NYS Registration No 2781110
Steven Robert Peikin Esq
NYS Registration No 2487627
Co-Directors of Enforcement
United States Securities & Exchange Commission
100 F Street NE
Washington DC 20549

Jeremy Brad Hazan Esq
NY Attorney Registration No 4245791 [currently suspended from practice]
Managing Director
745 Seventh Avenue
New York NY 10019
fax:  [not willing to supply]
email:    [not willing to supply]

James “Jim” S Wolfe
Managing Director - Head of Global Leveraged Finance
Royal Bank of Canada
200 Vesey Street
New York NY 10281

[1] USAA Asset Management Company:  A DE Corporation; FEIN 45-3083097

[2] Victory Capital Management Inc: EIN # 13-2700161.  A NY Corporation NYSDOS ID #: 324189.   SEC Advisor #: 801-46878  (CRD # 106189).  Legal Identifier #:  549300YNO08S1SH3I683.  Subsidiary of Victory Capital Holdings Inc; NASDAQ GS: VCTR.  A DE Corporation. FEIN 32-0402956

[3] United Services Automobile Association; NAIC # 25941; FEIN  74-0959140; TDI Company Number 14-86800; Current TDI Certificate of Authority  [CofA]  # 14585 granted on April 2 2008: an unincorporated insurance syndicate organized as a Texas reciprocal inter-insurance exchange.

Unlawfully commenced inter-insuring by receipt of a syndicate name's deposit against a reciprocal contract on either June 20 or June 22 1922. First one year license (expired February 28 1926) to commence inter-insuring by reciprocal contract granted on or slightly before March 23 1925 (two and nine years after USAA's unlawful 1922 "receipt of a first deposit from a "syndicate name".

[4] USAA Capital Corporation :  A DE Corporation; FEIN 51-0291843

[5]     Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co. v. Lederer, 252 U.S. 523 (1920)

It is of the essence of mutual insurance that the excess in the premium over the actual cost as later ascertained shall be returned to the policy holder.  Mr Justice Louis Brandeis