Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 15th January 2019

Chandos Sports & Social Club, Chandos Grove, Salford



Supporters’ Trust Chairman Dave Campbell (DC) introduced himself and welcomed everybody to the venue for the AGM and also introduced those joining him on the stage Treasurer Nikki Keenan (NK), Graham Jones (GJ) and Pete Brady (PB).

Agenda Items

1.     Minutes of 2018 AGM - Minutes from last AGM were vetted as an accurate account of the 2018 AGM by Vinny Keenan and Pauline Hough.

2.     Chairman’s Report – DC introduced the remainder of the ST Board members including John Shore, Carole Wallwork, Mike Ryan, Dennis Riley. Paul Whiteside would be attending the meeting later on due to other commitments. DC thanked Joe Burns, Simon Hindle and Joanne Hawkins (Secretary) who had stood down due to other commitments during the 2018 Season. DC explained that should Board members drop below 6 that an election would be called in accordance with the Society rules. The Board had co-opted Graham Jones, Pete Brady and Liz Wright on to the Board in accordance with the Society rules to assist with the ST activities during 2018 and that they would be open to any member wanting to get involved. DC shared that the ST Board meet on a monthly basis and more frequently during the season. A committee for Transport, Junior Reds and Community Ownership/Shares had been formed to manage workload. A large amount of the Boards time is spent planning and carrying out events. DC summarised the 2018 events: Player and Coach Q and As, Awards night, Adrian Morley Event, 1997 Squad Reunion at SevenBro7hers Brewery, Junior Reds Christmas Party. DC summarised the ST Board's involvement with exploring a Community Share raise in partnership with Salford Red Devils and Supporters Direct (SD). This was a decision made at ST Board level to provide the Club with another option of raising funds during a period of transition and financial difficulties. DC explained for SD to check the viability of a Community Share raise an Independent Financial Assessment of SRD would need to be carried out and that the ST Board had agreed under advice from SD to contribute 50% of the fee (£1500 + VAT). DC explained that the Financial Assessment is still underway and is a liability on the 2019 accounts. DC explained he wanted to be transparent about the decision making process to members and that it was a decision made by the ST Board in the best interests of SRD. DC gave members the opportunity to ask questions – none were raised. DC apologised for the lack of communication to Members in the second half of the season but explained his involvement in the Community Share work had restricted his time. DC accepts communication to Members will be an area for the ST Board to improve on in 2019. DC shared with members that he now meets with Director of the Club Paul King (PK) on a monthly basis to explore how the ST can collaborate with SRD activities and vice versa – the relationship is a good one. Other ST Board Members assist the Club where possible – for example Carole Wallwork assist with Volunteers and encouraging SRD fans to get involved in Match Days. DC closed his report by looking ahead to the 2019 Season: better communication from the ST Board including minutes from ST Board meetings, Open Member meetings more regularly, a Newsletter and Calendar of Events.

3.     Financial Report – GJ internally audits the ST accounts and gave his update. GJ walked members through the 2017 and 2018 accounts and copies of the accounts were available for members to review.

4.     Transport Report – PB is a member of the Transport committee and gave members an update on services for 2019. PB was co-opted late in 2018. PB explained that RD1 through Central Salford by the close of 2018 was almost breaking even. PB explained that RD2 made a significant loss of around £1000. The route was too long and usage data from the Bus Company was very delayed which restricted the ST to react and make changes to the service. For 2019 we aim to improve the commercial viability by shortening the route and identifying Fan-bassadors at the stops. We are putting together a supporters hub pack,  banners flyers,  we are working with SRD to understand the fan data. SRD will assist us with Social media. An open discussion broke out with Members around alternative routes, changing parking arrangements at the AJ Bell and a mobile phone app that may help.

5.     Resolution 1 - Distribution of funds. DC explained that the ST Board had agreed for £1000 to be distributed in accordance with the Society Rules. The options were explained and voted on.

Option 1 – 12 votes

£1000 distributed to Salford Red Devils in the form of two squad builder packages. The properties of each package to be used to raise further funds for the objects of the Society.

Option 2 – 5 votes

£1000 distributed to Salford Red Devils Foundation.

Option 3 – was passed with 27 votes

£500 distributed to Salford Red Devils in the form of one Squad Builder package - The properties of the package to be used to raise further funds for the objects of the Society. £500 distributed to Salford Red Devils Foundation

6.     Resolution 2 Independent Audit of Accounts – DC read full wording of Resolution 2 and explained that it was within the gift of members to pass to avoid incurring large fees for an Auditor.

It is hereby resolved to disapply the obligation to appoint Auditors as the Societies turnover falls below the threshold laid down under the Co-operative and Benefit Societies Act 2014. The Society Board will in respect of each year of account ending on 30 November 2017, 2018 and for all year ends thereafter.

a.    cause to be prepared a revenue account or revenue accounts

b.    give a true and fair view of the income and expenditure of the Society for that year

c.    cause to be prepared a balance sheet giving at that date a true and fair view of the state of the affairs of the Society

d.     In any year of account, the Society shall not be required to appoint auditors if it is exempt under the Co-operative and Benefit Societies Act 2014 and has disapplied the obligation to do so in accordance with the said Act.

e.     In any such year, an Independent Examination of accounts under the guidelines recommended by Supporters Direct and all references below in Rules 29, 35, 40, 86, 87, and 90  to ‘auditor(s)’ and ‘audited’ shall be read as independent examiner and Independently Examined’ respectively and rules 88, 89, 91 and 92 shall not apply.

f.     Any decision to disapply the requirement for audit must be passed by the appropriate margins laid down under the 2014 Act at the Annual General Meeting

g.    No decision to disapply shall be valid if the accounts laid before the Annual General Meeting at which the decision is being taken indicate that the turnover of the society in that financial year is higher than the specified threshold for audit exemption by Supporters Direct, should such exemption be allowed under that policy.

The resolution was unanimously agreed and the Independent Examination of accounts will be carried out by Steve McCormick and Gordon Beesley.

7.     Appointment of Secretary Role - DC informed members that Joanne Hawkins had stood down as Secretary. An expression of interest request for the appointed role of Secretary had been sent to all members by email in December 2018. Two members had come forward and the ST Board had debated and decided to recommend Phil Dunning to the membership for appointment. Unanimously passed.

8.     AOB – No further business was raised.

The meeting was closed and followed by a Q and A with Club Director Paul King, Head Coach and players.



Salford RLFC Supporters Trust is a Registered FSA Trust. Registered Number 29825R

Registered Address: 51 Cheetham Road, Swinton, Salford, M27 4UQ