WT ELearning FAQ's
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Washington Township eLearning Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should I contact if I have questions during this extended closure?



Your child’s teacher (first)

The school (if open) 464-3598

Principal Rik Ihssen



Your child’s teacher (first)

The school (if open) 464-3598

Principal Sue Lipinski


Assistant Principal Nathan Kaufman


Technology Assistant Kim Brys


Athletic Director Tim Brunton


Counselor Jennifer Symer


Q. Is this work required?

A: Yes. In order for us to count our eLearning days as regular School Days for the State, the on-line assignments must be completed. Attendance for each day is figured by the work that is submitted.

Q: How is attendance taken?

A: Attendance will be taken based upon completed work. Teachers will inform administration if a student has not completed work by the due date and it will be entered accordingly in Skyward. The due date is 9:00 AM on the following eLearning day (i.e. Wednesday’s assignments will be due 9:00 AM on Friday. Friday’s work will be due 9:00 AM on Monday, etc.). There may be exceptions.

Q: Will there be excused and unexcused absences?

A: We will work to show grace with each situation. If a student is too ill to complete work, or there is an emergency, or there are technology problems,  please let your child’s teacher (Elem) or principal (MS/HS) know via email so that we can enter that into Skyward. It would also be helpful for MS/HS students to let their teachers know as well. Simply not doing the work will result in an unexcused absence.

Q: What do we do if my child has computer issues?

A: At the elementary, please contact your child’s teacher. You may also contact our Computer Assistant, Marianne Harrison at 464-3598 Ext. 3435 or email at: marianne.harrison@eastporter.k12.in.us. At the Middle High School, please contact our Computer Assistant, Kim Brys at 464-3598 Ext 3205 or email at: kim.brys@eastporter.k12.in.us At the MS/HS  If a student is having computer issues please email your child’s principal or assistant principal so that we can get a technology ticket submitted. We may be able to trade it out with a loaner chromebook if supplies last. Also our Technology Director, Diana Gill, is available thru calling the school (464-3598) and selecting #7 as the option.

Q: Will my child’s work be graded?

A: It is up to the teacher’s discretion how much work will be graded but yes, these are regular school assignments.

Q: For the elementary, will Reading Counts continue?

A: Yes! Please continue reading books during this time! You also still have access to AXIS360 through Clever and can check out ebooks and audiobooks that way. Click here for the link to get to the Reading Counts quizzes.

Q. How long will we be out of school?

A: At this time we are proceeding with the initially scheduled return date of Tuesday, April 14. This situation is fluid and could change at any moment. Any alteration of the planned return to school date will be shared via school messenger and other media. However families need to be preparing for the possibility that we may be off longer, even until the end of the school year.

Q: Will there be elearning classes during Spring Break?

A: No, Spring break will continue to be spring break. Students may use this time to complete assignments that were not completed prior to Monday, March 23rd. Please check with your child’s teacher for further guidance on making up work during this time period. Click here for the most up to date calendar as of 11:00am on March, 18th.

Q: What if my student does something inappropriate on technology?

A: This is a difficult situation that we are currently in. We are hoping that our students maximize their instructional time and are appropriate during their online interactions. If a student chooses to act in an inappropriate manner utilizing technology our options are not limited and thus a student may still be suspended resulting in a maximum of 70% credit being given on those dates of suspension.

Q: I heard there was food assistance available?

A: Yes, please contact your building principal if interested. Also this link has additional community resources: Click here

Q: I heard that there may be free internet available.

A: That is true. Follow this link for more information. Click here

Q: Where can I get more information regarding school closure and eLearning?

A: You can check the school’s webpage and Facebook. The administration will also be in communication with you as more information becomes available.

Q. I’m having trouble with Iready. What can I do?

A: Iready and Android devices/Ipads do not play well together. They have trouble communicating. Click Here to see if your device or operating system is compatible with Iready. If it is not you will have to access it from a device that is. You may also contact the teacher for alternative assignments.