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Welcome to NARCC Rules Committee Page
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The Northern Amateur Relay Council of California

The Rules Committee’s charter is to review and recommend to the Board the Committee's proposed modifications to documentation that NARCC uses to conduct business.  The goal is to ensure that our Bylaws, Policies & Procedures and other rules that govern our activities are current and fair for all concerned. Members have the opportunity to comment on all proposals and to submit their own suggestions.  Ideas under current consideration may be found on the Member Update page. Any interested party may contact the Committee.  Comments, suggestions and ideas are invited. If you contact the Committee, please include your own contact information so that we may contact you to better understand your comments, if needed. You may email the committee at Every message will be acknowledged.

Committee Members

Melanie M - KC6VFT Chairperson

Jim O - KN6PE

Mike P - N6JGA