CTDS Meeting Minutes: 6/5/2017

In attendance: Derek, Beth, Wendy, Margaret, Vikki, Robb

Last meeting’s minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: May dances were a loss, which makes an overall loss for 2017. The Board discussed ways to save money, including incorporating volunteer hosting.

Observations from the May dances: The host should wax and sweep the floor before doing anything else. Since there are no printed out host instruction, Margaret will check on what exists, update, and print for the dance. Vikki asked about attendance on holiday weekends (like Memorial Day), which is lower. Beth mentioned that she talked with some families who found the dance from local ads.

June 24 Dance: Horse Mountain will play and Janet Shephard will call. Derek will contact George re: sound and Stephen re: hosting. Wendy will be out of town. Suzanne will run ECD. Vikki created a FB event and will remind dancers that there is no dance June 10.

July 22 Dance: ORKA will play and Sara Melton and Earl McGill will both call. Margaret will contact Suzanne re: ECD.

July 29 Advanced Dance: Vicki Herndon will call; the band is TBA. Vikki will advertise to local dance groups. The Board discussed qualifications to attend and decided that one marker of being ready was the ability to to a hay for four move without prompting or help. Robb suggested running an advanced dance prep session. The Board agreed that Robb and Wendy should run short workshops at the break of the June and July dances to teach one or two advanced moves with the goal of generally improving dancers. The Board agreed to call them “contra clinics.”

Publicity: The Board discussed ways to capitalize on what Chattanooga has to offer in order to get dancers from other cities to join our dance.

2017 Schedule: Margaret will check in with Steve re: 2018 and the possibility of having Grant Yost call for us.

Sound Team: Travis can run sound if we are in a pinch, as can Chris Cantwell. Wendy will ask her brother if he would be willing to help, too.

New Business:

Chattaboogie: The Board discussed working toward hosting Chattaboogie again in January 2019, since dancers seemed to like the January date. The Board’s goal would be to have bands and callers booked by January 2018 in order to publicize early.

Work Meeting: Monday, June 19, 2017 at Wendy’s house (address to follow) at 6:30. Goals of the work meeting are to make buttons, flyers, sign with common dance moves to post in hall.

Videos: Robb suggested having contra videos playing at the dance, so that dancers can see the big picture and get a feel for what things should look like.

Newbie and Frequent Flyer Cards: The punch cards need to be updated so that the punch does not erase the website and FB information. The meetup group should be added.

Action Item: Find image of dancer silhouette

Next Board Meeting: Monday, July 10, 2017 at 6:15 at Rain Thai