Take Action to support the MA Primary Caretakers Bill

The Primary Caretakers bill will expand the ability to set community-based sentences for parents. Here is a fact sheet and a short report about the health impact to expand use of alternatives to incarceration.

The Primary Caretakers bill as included into the  final Senate omnibus bill, S2200 Section 317. Primary Caretakers was not included in the final House Omnibus Bill. The Conference Committee is currently considering both versions of the bill.

We need Primary Caretakers to end up in the final version of the Criminal Justice Omnibus Bill!

Call Conference Committee members and ask them to include Primary Caretakers in the final bill!

“Hello, my name is ______________________ and I’m a constituent. I know the Conference Committee is currently considering many criminal justice reforms. I hope Primary Caretakers legislation as it appears in Section 317 of the Senate Bill will be included in the bill coming out of committee. Alternatives to incarceration for parents are a criminal justice reform priority for me because research tells us community-based sentences are healthier and safer for kids and their families. Please include Primary Caretakers language in the final bill. Thank you!”

Conference Committee Members:



We also encourage you to call your own State Senator and Rep and ask that they express their support for Primary Caretakers to the Conferees!

Additional talking points: