I've got a TrackPaws GPS, what are the first steps?

               using it for the first time.



You are all done. You may login to http://www.trackpaws.com

What is a pet Safe Zone?

A safe zone or virtual fence is a perimeter which defines the area you would like your pet to remain in.

When your pet leaves or enters this zone, you’ll receive an sms notification on your smartphone. You can also enable email notifications in your pet’s settings on the TrackPaws website.

The safe zone is displayed as a blueish overlay in the map view for each pet. You can find more information on how to set it up and activate it at www.trackpaws.com. If you have more than one tracker, you have to set up the safe zone for each tracker separately

Set up pet Safe Zone

1. Login to www.trackpaws.com

2. Click on the settings option, select your pet and enter your pet’s safe zone name in the top right corner of the map view.

3. If you want to relocate the safe zone, click anywhere in the polygon or drag it to the correct place. While using the polygon edges, you can draw the actual zone you wish to have for your pet.

If you want to reset the safe zone, you may click the x at the right side of the safe zone name.

You also have the option to do an address search to place your safe zone on another location.



4. When you are finished, click “save” to activate your safe zone.

If you have more than one tracker, please repeat these steps to define a safe zone for each of your other pet trackers.

Alerting & Notifications

Setup the type of events that you want to be notified about, such as battery, offline, zone breakouts.

1. Login to http://www.trackpaws.com

2. Click on the settings option, select your pet

3. Select the appropriate alert for your pet


4. Select the notification method. Minimum one type of notification method has to be selected per pet tracker.

Also, Keep in mind that for SMS notifications we have a max quota of 100 sms per month

If you have more than one tracker, please repeat these steps to define a safe zone for each of your other pet trackers.

Where can I get the TrackPaws GPS App?

The TrackPaws GPS App is available for free in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

How can I find or retrieve my pet with TrackPaws?

You can see the location of your pet on your smartphone or on the TrackPaws web portal. The GPS tracker sends a new position update every few minutes.

What is the annual Subscription?

TrackPaws uses GPS and cellular networks for on-demand location tracking anywhere, which enables you to track your pet 24/7. Each pet tracker requires a subscription plan to work, and you will be prompted to select a plan when buying the pet tracker from our web shop. For the first year, you will be billed up front for the full amount (€60 for the whole year/ €5 per month). The activation of the subscription begins when the membership is activated by signing up and registering your tracker for the first time at our web portal. You can always extend your current subscription by visiting our web shop

Problems with signing into your TrackPaws Account?

If you can't sign in to your TrackPaws account, this could be for several reasons:

To reset your password, email us at help@trackpaws.com from your account-registered email.

Still can’t find what you're looking for?

Email us at help@trackpaws.com or contact one of our help agents on our live chat at www.trackpaws.com