SNOW DAYS - There is always a price to pay.

There will be a full day of school at WWG on Thurs., 5/30 and Fri., 5/31. More may be added later after we see what else winter has in store for us.


Mon., 4/22 - Vars. & JV baseball at 2:30.

        Vars. & JH softball at 2:20.

        JH baseball at 2:40.

Tues., 4/23 - Vars. track at 2:50.

        Golf at 2:30.

Thurs., 4/25 - Golf boys at 12:05.

        Golf girls at 12:20.

        Vars. track at 2:20.

        7-8 golf at 2:50.

Fri., 4/26 - Vars. track at 2:35.

        Golf at 2:50.

01. Lunch today: Beefy nachos w/fixings, fruit, milk

Breakfast tomorrow: Breakfast pizza, fruit, juice, milk

Lunch tomorrow:

02. College/Military Reps:


Tues., 4/23 - Dynamic reading, P6a

Fri., 4/26- Life 101, 8:25-9:15.

Gr. 7-10 in gym

Gr. 11-12 in choir room



Class trip Seniors will be absent from school Thurs., 4/18-Mon., 4/22. Joel B., Wyatt C., Daniel D., Brittany E., MaKayla E., Parker F., Talitha H., Jake K., Melinda L., Ben O., Andrew Q., Skyler S., Grace W.

All other Seniors are expected to be in class as usual.

06. Scholarship Deadlines

May 1- Raymond Clarke

May 1- Maurice & Hilda Mitchell

May 13- MN. Athletes in Sports Medicine

07. New Books in the Media Center 

Things Change  by Patrick Jones

710 Lexile,  9 pts.

Sixteen-year-old Johanna, one of the best students in her class, develops a passionate attachment for troubled seventeen-year-old Paul and finds her plans for the future changing in unexpected ways.

 08.  Visual Arts Competition is on Wed., 4/24. Sami W., Jennifer E., Houa Y. and Anna L. will be gone all day with Tina.

09. Khyle Radke Summer Strength/Speed & Agility program…... MWF, 9-10:30, June 3rd - Aug. 9th at the Westbrook Gym

Cost is $75 per athlete, $50 for 2nd sibling, $25 for 3rd.

Sign up with Mr. Theisen by May 20th

10. Minnesota Student Survey—Monday, April 22.  Take attendance 1st period then send the student to their locations.

8th Grade—Computer Lab (Anderson-Koenig), supervised by Bonnstetter; Media Center—Small Cart (Merrick-Yang), supervised by Luke Nelson 

9th Grade—Cafeteria—Red Cart (22 students) supervised by Zollner

11th Grade—Merrick’s room—Chromebook Cart 2 (Baker-Jorgenson) supervised by Merrick, Schoephoerster’s room—Chromebook Cart 2 (Keithahn-Yang) supervised by Schoephoerster

Class as usual for everyone else.

11. Spring Sports

JH Softball - No practice today, April 22.

12. Help Wanted - Minnwest Bank in Currie is looking for students interested in their student teller position.  You must be at least 15 years old, willing to learn and move in a fast pace environment. You would be responsible for running deposits, cashing checks, making change, etc. See board outside HS office for contact info.


13. These seniors will be going on the senior band and choir trip. Leaving at 2:00pm on Fri., 4/26.

Daniel D., Jake K., Melinda L., Michaela S., Ben O., Parker F., Andrew Q., MaKayla E., Talitha H.


14. Book Club will be reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.  Pausch, a computer science professor, is dying of cancer.  Well-aware of the family, friends, and life he will leave behind, he offers readers insights and lessons into what really matters in life.  Please speak to Mrs. Kletscher if you would like her to order you a copy of the book.

15. The greenhouse opens April 29th. Please do not park in front of the greenhouse, so that customers will have access to it.

16. Spring Dance for grades 7-8 is on Sat., May 4, 7:30-10:30 PM in the HS cafeteria. Only WWG students, grades 7 & 8, may attend.

17. Spring Dance for grades 9-12 is on Sat., May 4, 8:00-11:00 PM at the Westbrook Community Center. Students may bring guests if they fill out and return a dance guest form. Guests must not be younger than grade 9 and not older than 20 years old.



01. Weekly Progress Reports are due on Wednesdays. Reports are printed by 7:45 AM on Thursdays.

02. Fri., 4/26 - CPT, 7:45-9:15 AM.


Mon., 4/29 - ECFE at WB, 5:30.


Mon., 4/22 - Bab, Varsity, at Wabasso, 4:15. Bus leaves WB at 2:40.

        SB, Vars. & JH, at Cottonwood, 4:30. Bus leaves WB at 2:30.

        JH Bab at Redwood Falls, 4:30. Bus leaves WB at 2:50.

Tues., 4/23 - Bab, Varsity, at Slayton, 4:30. Bus leaves WB at 3:10.

        JH Bab at Slayton, 4:30. Bus leaves WB at 3:10.

        SB, Vars. & JH, MCC at Sanborn, 4:30. Bus leaves WB at 3:15.

        TR at Tracy, 4:00. Bus leaves WB at 3:00.

        TR, 7-8, at Cottonwood, 4:00.

        GF at Larchwood, 4:30. Bus leaves WB at 2:40.

Wed., 4/24 - Visual Arts Competition.

Thurs., 4/25 - Bab, Varsity, Heron Lake at Lamb., 4:30.

        JH Bab, Heron Lake at Lamb., 4:30.

        SB, Vars. & JH, HLOF at Sanborn, 4:30.

        TR at Worthington, 4:00. Bus leaves WB at 2:30.

        GF, 7-8, at Tracy, 4:00. Van leaves WB at 3:00.

        GF, boys at Adrian, Bus leaves WB at 12:15.

GF, girls at Mtn. Lake, 2:00. Bus leaves WB at 12:30.

Fri., 4/26 - Bab, Varsity, at Cottonwood, 4:30. No bus.

        SB, Vars., TMB at Sanborn, 4:30. Bus leaves WB at 3:15.

        TR at Mtn. Lake, 4:15. Bus leaves WB at 2:45.

        TR, 7-8, at Tracy, 4:15.

        GF at Mtn. Lake, 4:15. Bus leaves WB at 3:00.

Sat., 4/27 - JH SB tournament at Springfield.