*****************LEARN-TO-SAIL PROGRAMS****************

Sea Squirts (Ages 6-8) *** Once per week for 5 weeks - Every KB kid should learn how to sail ***

Our Sea Squirts is an introductory program for the little ones to sailing.  We have a dedicated instructor that will teach the sailors the basic concepts of sailing, navigation terms, and proper seamanship.  Class is limited to 5 sailors.  Sailors are required to bring their own life jacket to wear at all times during the class and will be sailing as a group with their instructor in the proximity of the yacht club in a small 14 ft. sailboat.

Coach: Alexander Van Puffelen

Dates: This program is designed to run for 5 consecutive Thursdays, based on the weather, starting on January 30 to approximately February 27 (weather permitted).

Time:    3:30 p – 6:00 p

Price:    Member $200

  Non-Member $250

 Optimist Learn-to-Sail (Ages 7-12) *** Twice per week for 4 months - NO experience needed ***

This program offers sailors 7 years old and up the opportunity to learn the basics of sailing.  The curriculum has been designed for those sailors that have none to some previous sailing experience (summer camp participants).  Sailors MUST bring their own life jacket, lunch, and sailing attire.

Having your own boat/opti is not a requirement; a club boat will be assigned to each sailor at no additional cost.

Coach:  Mathias Lopez - Alexander Van Puffelen

Dates:   January 17th - May 10th

Time:    Friday 4:00p - 6:00p & Saturdays 10:00a - 3:30p

Price:    Member $800

                    Non-Member $1,000

C420 Open High School Program (Ages 12-17) *** Teens Sail 2-person boats ***

This is a great program we have put together for teenagers with no or some sailing experience that are interested in learning how to sail a double-handed boat or practice for high-school races.  KBYC has C420 class boats ready-to-sail, and a dedicated & experienced coach that will meet these group of sailors every Thursday.  Sailors are required to bring their own life jackets.

Coach: Maru Urban

Dates:   This program will start on Thursday, January 30 and will tentatively end on May 7.

Time:    3:30 p – 6:30 p

Price:    Member $500

                  Non-Member $625

********************RACING PROGRAMS********************

Laser Racing Team (Ages 12 & Up)

We are really excited to offer this program to our sailing community!  The laser program requires sailors with previous sailing experience.  This program will have a dedicated and top notch International Olympic Coach running sailing practices on the weekends for all 4.7, Radial, and standard (full-rig) fleet sailors.  Having your own boat is required, however, the club can charter you a boat for the season based on availability (limited to 1 season).

The season fee includes supported events in our Laser Regatta Calendar, or for those that will join our program only on a daily basis (Satellite Sailors Program), we will have in addition to the daily coaching fee a regatta expense fee to cover the coach travel & regatta expenses among the participants.  Satellite sailors will incurred in a $30 & $50 (KBYC non-member) monthly boat storage fee.

Coach:  Maru Urban

Dates:   Jan 18 – May 10th

Time:    Saturday & Sunday 10:00 a – 4:00 p

Price:           Member                 Full Season $1,200                Satellite Sailor p/day $70

                            Non-Member                 Full Season $1,500                Satellite Sailor p/day $90

KBYC Satellite Sailor Program initial registration fee is $250, this amount will be used as a credit towards your sailor’s daily practices fee. Limited spots available, registration is required to reserve a spot on the team.

Club Laser Charters at $500 /season or $50 /day based on availability.

NOTE: For those sailors interested in joining our program in the middle of the season, we will prorate the ‘season fee’ accordingly. If you have any questions about our program please don’t hesitate to contact our Sailing Director via email at juan@kbyc.org 

Optimist RWB Championship Fleet (Ages 9-15)

Our Optimist Racing Team offer the opportunity to train and race with sailors from all over the country that join us for our regular scheduled practices and regattas.  We feature world-renowned US Optimist National Team Coaches which makes of our racing programs one of the best in the area.

Sailors MUST have their own boat.

Coach: Juan Carlos Romero

Dates:   Jan 15 - May 10th

Time:    Wednesdays 3:30p - 6:00 p & Weekends 9:30a - 4:00p

Price:          Member $1,200

                    Non-Member $1,500

Optimist Green Fleet (Ages 8-12)

Our Green Fleet program has been designed as an introduction to racing platform to teach our new sailors the different components of sailboat racing.  Sailors with little experience can join this program and learn from one of the best Opti coaches in South Florida.  Sailors are not required to have their own boat; a club boat will be assigned to each sailor at no additional cost for the 1st season.

Coach: Alexander Van Puffelen

Dates:   Jan 15 – May 10th  

Time:    Wednesdays 3:30p - 6:00p & Weekends 10:00a - 3:30p

Price:    Member $1,000

                    Non-Member $1,250


*If you have any questions or need more information about our sailing programs please contact Juan Carlos Romero, KBYC Sailing Director, by email at juan@kbyc.org