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Project Based Learning & Deeper Learning Resources

Why PBL and DL?

What does PBL look like?

Structures that Support PBL

Examples and Inspiration


Why PBL and DL?

What does PBL look like?

Structures that Support PBL

Digital Portfolios

Project Planning Templates and Planning Resources

On Feedback and Critique for student work

Presentations of Learning

Presentation of Learning (HTH Video)

How To: Presentations of Learning (HTH Video)

Share Your Learning project to expand Exhibitions of Learning

Equitable Approaches to PBL

ELL Scaffolds for PBL

PBL for Equity & Inclusion of Students with Special Needs

Are you over-scaffolding? By Katie Martin

Examples and Inspiration

Probably the single best resource, this website of PBL Resources was created by two of my colleagues at High Tech High and links to many of the best stuff I’ve seen. This website was designed to help educators and school leaders design projects and set up a culture of critique, celebration, connection, project-based learning and innovation in their classrooms and schools.

Fully Fleshed-out Projects You Can Take and Use

Check out these fully planned out projects from reDesign and the Buck Institute for Education. The projects were designed to make the planning process visible for teacher candidates and those who are new to PBL.

Project Resource Banks:

For those who want a more curated experience exploring projects check out:

EL Education Models of Excellence Project- Illuminating Standards Video Series for videos of 20 Model Projects

Includes great projects such as...

Math Projects

High School Math Projects from HTH Project Cards

Math Projects from HTH Website


Projects that have been put to the test