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DES Channel Guide
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Keep up with Fort Zumwalt & Dardenne Elementary

Fort Zumwalt School District knows that strong schools are born of strong communities, where schools have consistent, concise communications with families. This connection helps students achieve.        We have developed this Channel Guide to help you keep up and connect with Fort Zumwalt and Dardenne Elementary.                                Strong Schools. Strong Community. #FORTifyZUMWALT

Automated Call

 or Text

Our first, best way to connect. You’ll get notifications on emergencies, closures, bus delays and Early Release reminders as well as special reminders from your school.

Remember, you have to opt-in to receive texts. Just text YES to 68453

If you miss a call from FZSD, be sure to listen to your voicemail messages.


You’ll get superintendent’s updates and updates from your school. You’ll get important information regarding your child(ren) from teachers and staff as well as permission forms or opportunities for enrichment programs.

You can email us using the directory on your school website or the contacts in our newsletters.




You’ll get news, important dates, student and staff celebrations, curriculum insights and community connections. You’ll get updates from the Board of Education, superintendent, your child(ren)’s school, principal, club sponsors and parent groups.

School newsletters are emailed to families monthly. District newsletters in your mailbox quarterly.








With Tyler 360/Student 360 You’ll get updates on your child's homework, grades, lunch balance attendance and more.

With Canvas, a learning management system, you can keep up with your child(ren)'s classroom(s) and digital assignments. To get the best experience, follow the steps in our Parent Observer instructions.

With the FZ App You’ll get notifications regarding events and inclement weather closures, plus quick access to calendars, news and more.   


 and or on the FZ App

You’ll get news, contacts, achievements, procedures and calendar information.



 Subscribe on YouTube or your podcast app.


You’ll get regular superintendent’s updates, insight on district initiatives, news and celebrations.



You’ll get electronic flyers that alert you to upcoming events and enrichment opportunities.

You can also see flyers available to your school community using the peach at the bottom of your school’s website.

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