Examples of Facial Traits:

This activity is a simulation which is designed to demonstrate the way diversity in a  population occurs through the interaction of dominant and recessive alleles through sexual reproduction.  In the real world, the gene and allele interactions are much more complicated than what occurs in this simulation.  For the purpose of simplicity, the allele interactions in this demonstration are expressed primarily as dominant and recessive, and where multiple allele interactions sometimes create more than two phenotypes.  

Here are photo-examples of many facial traits:

Facial Traits:

1. Gender (X)(y)

2. Face Shape (R)(r)

3. Chin Prominence (V)(v)

4. Jaw Line (R)(r)

5. Cleft Chin (A)(a)

6. Skin Color (H)(h)

7. Hair Type (S)(s)

8. Widow’s Peak (W)(w)

10. Eyebrow Thickness (B)(b)

11. Unibrow (C)(c)

12. Eye Color (H)(h)

13. Eye Spacing (F)(f)

15. Eye Shape (A)(a)

17. Eyelash Length (E)(e)

18. Mouth Width (M)(m)

19. Lip Thickness (T)(t)

21. Dimples (D)(d)

22. Nose Size (N)(n)

23. Nostril Shape (R)(r)

25. Earlobe Attachment (F)(f)

28. Hairy Ears (H)(h)

29. Freckles (F)(f)

31. Hair Color (H)(h)

32. Quality of Vision (Q)(q)