Please bring all supplies on the first day of school. All writing supplies must already be unpacked and stored in supply pouch.  Do not buy an oversized zip-around binder or rolling backpack as they do not fit under our desks, lockers, and closets.

1 package 3x3 sticky notes

2 packages of plain copy paper

5 black/blue pens – stick pens (no clicking pens, please)

2 correcting pens (any color other than blue or black)

1 box #2 pencils

1 highlighter

1 box colored pencil (12-24 count)

1 pair sharp point scissors

2 large glue sticks

1 ruler

1 soft cover ringed supply pouch to keep in binder (please do not buy hard plastic space-makers)

“Five Star” brand high quality with pockets: green 1 subject notebook (History), , red 2 subject notebook (Language Arts), blue1 subject notebook (Literature) , yellow 1 subject notebook (Religion)

1 black graphing spiral notebook (Math), white 1 subject notebook (Science)

1  two inch binder

1 homework folder

1 pack college-ruled binder paper

3 pack 3x5 index cards

1 index card box

2 containers of disinfecting wipes

2 boxes of Kleenex



For your home:




·      Please give home computers and printers a cleaning and check-up as students will be expected to complete assignments using the computer

·      Please have writing supplies unpacked and in supply pouch on the first day of school.  Do not buy a rolling backpack as these items do not fit under desks, lockers, and closets.

·      Please be advised that some supplies such as paper, pens, notebooks, etc. will need to be replenished throughout the year.

·      Each teacher may request additional supplies as needed throughout the year.