The Sealed Knot

The shame of it — not being thought a failure,

yet reeking of the reach you haven’t had.

There is, there shall, there’s going to be, a future

though English only has two tenses. Sad!

For form’s sake, you were forced there into diction

right of today — and, today, of the right,

whose ‘great again’ grates as it flails for traction.

You quit years ago, but still ask for a light.

You’re right, you know: I’m here curating glimmers,

and hoarding dewdrops into afternoon,

and heading into autumn now with summer’s

spade and bucket still unused. Yet soon

I fully mean to find some firm, damp, sand,

and pile it up, and dig a moat outside,

and stick my paper flags upon the mound,

add scallop shells, then watch the failing tide.